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&MADE by Bruno Menard + Seoul Garden Hotpot + Urban Decay Naked 3 + TWG Macaroons

HELLOOOOOO guys. Ni hao ma. hi guys. So my holidays this time round is really kind of boring haha, not much to update this space with, practically lazing everyday, so BEAR with me yea, & I am feeling abit goofy now. hahahaha. Think I having a severe lack of sleep thus my left butt is like cramping and aching. Oh well, still gonna pop by town later, on a MOURNDAY to do some errands. & then, BUSY WEEK AHEAD. 

My twin's birthday is in a few days, & so is Christmas. (This week, so look forward to more interesting posts!) What are you guys gonna do for christmas this year? I guess I will be having Christmas potluck dinner with my clique once again (hopefully not as failed as last year's cause I cant cook for nuts and I actually opened those canned pineapple and longans and brought to the partaye) HAHA. 

Then I guess on countdown on 24th, Christmas eve, this tuesday, which is also my mom's birthday as well, I am going to spend it at Zouk, cause Rehab will be taking the DJ console. Then on wednesday Twin's TGIW birthday club session again and then her birthday dinner on the actual day. So yeap. Ending my last week of holidays with a blast I guess!

Anyways, I kind of revamped my blog layout if you guys cannot tell by now. And added a few tabs (circled, which might have some additions every now and then) Like the Food hunts and places I went to, so tedious organizing and listing them so you guys better appreciate! haha. And clicking on the Dayre tab would link to my dayre (for more of my emooootional talks and daily random details.) And my blog has a search bar too. FYI.

My Food List is really kind of idiot-proof so just read what I labelled in the picture below.

SAT-UR-DATE with da twinz!
Still haven't even had my solo birthday brunch w her yet so we'll most prolly do it some other time tgt with hers. Anyways, we walked to Pacific Plaza, near Lido area and decided to settle down here to have our lunch!

&MADE by Bruno Menard
Pacific Plaza
Tel: +65 66907566

The exterior and interior of the place really looks kind of attractive and &MADE mainly serves a menu of delicious burgers, shakes etc. The whole concept of this restaurant is from a 3 star Michelin Star Chef Bruno Menard in Singapore.

I rarely have burgers in restaurants cause I believe that burgers from fast food outlets are wayyy cheaper and tastier, so it was kind of a new concept for me as well to be dining at a burger themed restaurant. You can create your own burger here as well, under column 2 of the menu "Craft it yourself" shown below!

My pretty date! :)

& me! Overall, the staffs treated us reaaaaaally nice and were really polite so thumbs up for the customer service here!

quirky ambiance~

Ordered their 
Strawberry Milkshake $7 
and thought it was not too bad, but not that memorable for me to still recall the taste for now, but i guess its a little yogurty! There are 7 other flavors to try as well!

sippin' on ma milkshake

Skeptical us choose the option of their signature burgers, you can make it a combo with the normal fries and soft drinks for only an additional of $3 for each and truffle fries/sundae for $6 each. 

This was what the waiter serving us personally recommended first.
 The 3 Little Pigs $23
"Pork Fillet, bacon & chorizo patty, spicy yuzu kosho mayonnaise, shibazuke, shitake & white cabbage with a flavorful roasted sesame dressing"

I preferred this the 3 little pigs burger to the other burger cause this was more flavorful, thus appeals to people like me more than the twin! I loved the overwhelming cabbages, mushrooms and all the other toppings! And the patty of the pork burger was also more tender in my opinion, had a harder time cutting the beef >:(

Garlic & Vinegar fries was chosen for this set, which I honestly thought that it made no difference adding the additional $3 for the truffle fries (normal $3, truffle $6 for the equal portion)

because the cut of both the fries were similar and the truffle fries &MADE serves was actually quite disappointing comparing to so many of the others i've tried, (albeit I have no idea why nowadays almost all the cafes I went to are making truffle fries as their signature side & they serve them pretty legit as well so I kinda consider myself as a truffle fries hunter? hahaha!) so I thought this option of Garlic & Vinegar fries was more worthwhile.

Next set up, the simple and signature burger everyone orders, and twin's preferred (food wise our opinions are kind of different aye)

"The most popular burger, a juicy dry aged beef patty top with caramelized onion, French Comte cheese and amazingly delicious caper and garlic mayonnaise"

the really ....... truffle fries, only some fries managed to have soaked up the truffle taste hahaha!

and the simple and cheesy 'B' Burger B for beef which was kinda tough!

 I guess I would come back to try the option of customizing my own burgers because the thought of it sounds interesting. But I doubt it will taste any better than the signature burgers we have ordered, if it was so easy, I think I can open my own branch already.

 We each paid about 30+ SGD for our meal here and honestly, comparing to Omakase Burger, despite the better ambiance & restaurant concept here, the burgers Omakase Burger serves are really wayyyy better (even their beef burgers are so tender!) and one set meal there is about 20+ SGD which blew my mind much more.

but still, the ambiance and customer service here made it a pleasant meal and so selfies with my twin! :)
Just realized we both were clad in white that day.

After watching our movie, PART II of Hobbit at cine, we settled down for simple dinner at Seoul Garden Hotpot. Ate this at least ten times before, at cine's basement, cause my clique and twin both loves it. Probably one of the cheaper restaurants which serves korean food and all their dishes up to standard.

My Stir Fried Tanghoon which was so yummeh :P

and twin's Mandu (dumpling) Hotpot with the kimchi based soup option which is good too!!

More pics of us from the iphone~

And finally my first Christmas present to myself! Under my xmas wishlist~
 Urban decay finally came out with a latest 3rd edition of the Naked 3 Palette!! hehe, finally out in sephora, even though I thought the 1/2 palette would suit me way more since there are more dark colors and browns in those other two palettes, and I am rather a tanned skinned Asian, and this palette happens to be a mix of purple, pink and cool toned colors.. I still got this cause I am the kind of stubborn fool who would always get the newest editions.

comes with 4 different packs of eye primer as well, which i rather all be compiled in a tube than plastic packets, which is gonna be so inconvenient to apply.

haha! still happy and experimenting my new palette right now and I am really kind of a total eye-shadow noob, I just spam them randomly on my eye area when I go clubbing, so dark no one can see also most of the time.

And another laudree keychain tessa and regina got for me on my birthday! The only keychain I would like and use in my life. haha they know me too well. Cause this is soooo pretty! and most importantly, macaroon themed!

Some TWG Christmas edition macaroons~ All the flavors seen below are good, one of my more preferred brands of macaroons. 

with a new flavor introduced for christmas!

Second time eating macaroons from TWG, the first time can be seen under my travelogues, Part I of the taiwan post, cause I got them from the airport before my flight~

TGIW w the normal ladies. Nat and regina~

and I really got to do something about my hair real soon. Its getting soooo bushy and annoying (which explains my expressions below.)

Ending this post off with another photograph of me, sorry for this boring post!! Have a blessed week ahead guys! I cant wait for Christmas, celebrations and all da parties~

xoxo eugeniania

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