Friday, December 27, 2013

Taiwan 2013 Vlog

The first travelling vlog I did (if you dont include my insta-vids) 
Kind of like doing videos actually! Spent my entire friday afternoon on this throwback video of my taiwan trip.

Posts here:
Your Travel Guide To Taiwan; Taipei Part I
Your Travel Guide To Taiwan; Taipei Part II

Something new & I hope you guys would really enjoy the videos i attempt to make 
(despite the poor editing skills cause I haven't exactly mastered the art of editing videos PLUS I always use the windows side of my Macbook, wait till I graduate from school & use iMovie! Till then. 
Have to suffer from these footages I managed to compile up from twin's recording since I lost my phone which had all my taiwan videos in, so pardon the lousy quailty~

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Have a great Friday and weekends guys :)
The new year is coming and I hope everyone has their resolutions ready!

Still needa work on my christmas blogpost and then my twin's birthday post.
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