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My 19th Surprise + Windowsill In The Woods + Swap N' Shop VI Flea + Kovan Hougang Market & Food Centre

As this is my birthday post, I shall just talk about something which I haven't been typing out on my blog for a long time now, my thoughts, maybe since I have dayre (less dramatic to type anything I feel there since no one would actually follow it for long, but then again, I get really lazy, and am a bad multi-tasker so I gradually forget to update my expressions there as well) 
that I think would appeal to most girls hehe

I have read something rather inspirational before blogging this, plus the little tiff I had with one of my best friends today had me thinking, about who I really am. I'm finally 19 now, a year before I hit twenty. Maybe I have really changed since years back,  and I would really hope to have changed for the better, not the worse. My voice may have break (yeah, really I'm a weirdo girl whose voice actually deepened these few years, maybe cause of my hardcore party lifestyle, which sometimes have taken tolls on me.. like harming my health, complexion, throat and other what nots), my character perhaps, maybe I just need little incidents like this to remind me for what I really am and still am. 

I still want to be a nice, sweet, good and down-to-earth eugenia. Not what this generation makes us youngsters evolve to become. So thanks for the reminder. I'll curb my flaws and be better. I want to be loved for whats inside, what which made my old and best friends stay by me for so many years now. I want to be kind, helpful, polite and lovable, and not be blinded by influence nor ambitions.

Lastly, before moving onto my blog post in stall, I shall try to be the best version of myself and not take the people I love around me for granted anymore. I guess that's something I occasionally do and do not realize. Pushing people away, yet hoping for some miracle to happen, when fact is - the world doesn't only revolve around me and everyone has a limit. I forgive the people who hurt me, but that doesn't mean I will be easy to trust, but then again, it just all sums up to how much effort every matters' worth.

back to the important topic of my birthday celebration! :)

PART 1 - The surprise

Decided not to wait anymore, and quickly complete this blog post of my 19th this year since I am totally feeling it now. So basically this have been a rather simple yet a very happy birthday to me. Cause I really appreciate all my friends' efforts as I always complain how unlucky my birthdays have been the past few years for me (exams, getting hospitalized and other nonsense..) everyone of my favorite girlfriends actually surprised me at my door this year! 

Super touched :') Guess its my first time feeling so embarrassed in front of you guys and feel like rolling on the floor cause all the attention was on me and I was just like *melting* haha. 
So I would like to thank twin, and the clique, the girls and everyone single one of you who made the effort to wish me and stuff. I appreciate every single little effort no matter who you are :)

haha im a happy gurl :)

short clip of the surprise that i posted on my insta which is still show-able cos I look really hideous hahaha

Compiled a series of candids taken by my friends to see my awkward cake cutting expressions haha

Durian Cake from emicell!

Most of my birthday gifts :) Some I have yet to take, shall share in the next blogpost.

Love this horseshoe swarovski necklace from the clique. Meant to bring me luck since I am always very unlucky. One of the best presents ever :D Wearing it daily now. So convenient. 

Wenmin's additional voucher for me cause she really have no idea of what I want or lack currently since I am very picky, at times hahaha. The sparkling beans is so cute! I never seen them around before *.*

Pandora charm from Jessica, Natnat and shiyun :)

And not forgetting twin who handmade this cornily sweet cookie monster card, spent the entire afternoon to bake awesome cookies for me despite her exam period, and the Victoria secret makeup pouches~ :')

Ate all of these cuties up myself!

so cute must camwhore LOL

and ming jian for delivering me the VS perfume and card right before my birthday! Kind of loving the scent of Tease. You'd know I am new to perfumes right.

hehe thanks alot guys really. Love u all so much!!

PART 2 - Birthday Brunch

Woke up the next morning (early, cause I didn't mind being awake longer on my birthday) for some birthday brunch at 

Windowsill Pies
78 Horne Road
Singapore 209078

I chose the location, as usual, cause I heard this cafe has a really cute story-book-tale concept so I thought the theme of dresscode has to be really princess-y but it ended up being confusing and flowery for the girls. hahaha!

so many cafes are decorated for the festive Christmas season!

Here at windowsill pies, can already tell from their name, they specialize in savory pies, the sweet kind, quite a unique concept to the cafes around as most cafes serves the usual cakes or cupcakes. 
Wanted to order all ten of their flavors of pies so it would be served in a pretty round shape altogether which resembles like a birthday cake, but ended up choose 7 to play safe. (But obviously I now regret cause we wiped out everything almost immediately, I have always thought my best friends' appetites were small and some picky.)

They offer hot food menu too, the waitress answered all these were the cafe favorites thus right here on the menu when asked to recommend.

Didn't get to try their coffee nor tea which I heard is one of their specialization too.

Each pie slice is a costly 7 - 8 bucks which I think is pretty worth it for the price you pay to enjoy the place's decors. Plus the pies are really worth the try!

Their top three hot selling flavors are Strawberry Lemon
, Banana Almond Brittle & S'mores (below)

Tangy, and refreshing, this strawberry lemon tart is perfect for a summer’s day, which is just about everyday in these parts. Wenmin's favorite. Turns out to be more sour than I thought. But wenmin really loved it cause she is a lemon flavor fan! Worth a try, rather unique and appetizing in my opinion!

Banana Almond Brittle
Sweet banana mousse, salty caramel and crunchy nuts come together in an explosion of flavour!
Not too bad as well :)

S’mores pie is filled with gooey milk chocolate pudding and sticky dark chocolate fudge, topped with fluffy toasted marshmallows and our home-made graham crackers!
Weishan's favorite (cause she is an old chocolate lover) but surprisingly I kind of like it as well! It is a safe and classic option, not too excessive rich nor thick which really appeals to me!

The Grasshopper Pie was inspired by a classic cocktail and those addictive after-eights. It has a yummy chocolate flourless cake base topped with a crazy fresh mint cream.

Most people would order this cause the color and appearance seems one of the most unique and photogenic. Unless you really love mint alot, you would eat one mouth of this and gave the expression I gave. The flavor is tad too strong and I wouldn't order this again. Unless they make the mint layer 3 times thinner than it already is. Way too overpowering.

Funny Apple
This one started as a Christmas special but turned into a regular. With succulent sautéed apples baked in a fragrant almond custard and topped with enchanting rum-soaked raisins. 
One of my favorites as well, since I am a apple crumble kind of girl, so this definitely hit my spot.

Camp Symmetry 
Which is my FAVORITE among the seven pies. Look, even the indecisive me have a favorite, which is not in the top three mainstream choices. This pie is a newer addition to their menu and its like caramel flavored? white chocolate pudding with raisins, cookie streusel, candied theme and white truffle, candied being decorated with a tinge of mushroom - sounds weird right? but its not a real mushroom, is just sweet meringue shaped into one! I wanna have one right now!

Morello Cherry
Filled with sticky morello cherries and covered with an intricate weave of sugared shortcrust, this pie promises to please. Kind of sour at times to a certain extend, but I for one thought that this pie is still quite giving a shot, as it may appeal to some!

 Me, trish and regina!

wenmin, tessa and weishan!

Ordered an Atas KBB (kong ba bao) cause it seems rather appetizing in the pictures and I have yet to order this kind of more westernized KBB in a cafe. Kind of small for the portion, but not too bad. All the buns are deep fried with pork bellies matched w crispy skin, pesto (my fav) and mango. Yum!

before and aft......

Mandatory birthday shots w the birthday girl and the fussy me has to include a teddy bear... hahaha

w regina :)

tricia :)

weishan :)

wenmin :)

and tessa :) HAHA

took alot of ootds cause I honestly wanted to look nice in this furry black dress I was cladded in, but ended up looking so fat in most of em photos!

overall a great place to come with great company! would definitely go back to try the last three flavors of pie I didn't manage to order hhee. This area where Windowsill is located really has many cafes to hop about too.
It is near The Tiramisu Hero (new cafe I visited awhile back!)

PART 2 - TGIW I just wanna parteh

My birthday ootd for the night (and one of my favorite ootds for quite sometime now among all of my ootd) Felt so princess-y and loving how I look in white, even though it makes people look fatter.

hahahaha jessica gave me and twin sticker tattoos to play with

dream > zouk. Apparently its standard that every one wants you dead on ur birthday. MONO-chrome themed!

w trish! Most lousiest drinker x me aka the best drinker photo in my opinion HAHA

really appreciate everyone for partying for me esp clique (since most of them are attached and rarely visits the place I frequent one of the most) hahaha not their arena anymore.
TGIW was okay that night, since it got pretty boring during a period of time. 

So who is up for some TGIW later tonight? I am going. And apparently WENMIN is going too. As promised! hehehe cause she had exams so she couldn't go the prev time (thus not in the photo below)
I cant wait for tgiw later with the usuals; reg, jess and additional wenmin & weishan who wanna go again since last week was fun! CANT WAIT ^^

lol since it is my birthday post as expected I died. lol thanks shan and jess for sending me home HAHAHA i have no recollection of these pictures alr. No wonder I lost my iphone 5 and wallet that time. meh. they were like saying I just kneel-ed out from the cab upon reaching the destination. meh. no wonder my leg so many cuts and bruises.

small pic cause I am not proud of myself la duh. I don't do this every week ok.

And another very very sober fri night, so alot of selfies. (scared alr LOL my hangover was the WORST i had aft wednesday)

so me and twin wore like the same top that night without even discussing! hahaha but I was clad in full black.

PART 4 - Flea

surviving on only one hour of sleep, no wonder my skin is condition declined so badly now. Went for the Swap and shop flea at jcube which I have mentioned in my prev post! 

damn heavy i swear this back of clothes.

should learn from tricia ah. bring luggage there HAHAHA

as first timers we wasted boy, shit loads of time tryna get the rack to stand.

super tiring and hot and hungry. Then after the event, went for dinner at

Kovan Hougang Market & Food Centre
Hougang St. 21, Blk 209

Best soon-kueys everrrrrrrrrr! Dad bought like 3 carton back home, having soon kuey daily since saturday la.

their hawker's food are all pretty good and has long queues. But i guess one of the food hougang market & food centre specializes in is their CARROT CAKE. really. heard from friends and tried them myself.

standard pontian wanton noodles which I haven't had in the longest time

and here would be the time i insert my quote "never too full for desserts"

shall end off this post w the favorite cake of mine in the universe!
Blogged about it tons of time since I always order this!
dont even know why am I snapping pictures of it again and again. Cause I really love it. and never fail to have it on my birthday every year despite cutting many cakes already.

Their signature and the love of my life - Passion Fruit Meringue 

got cookies from them as well this time round. Finished almost the whole cake by myself and all these cookies in a day. superrrrrrrrrrrrrrr nice! really not something you will get sick of and thus not losing my weight anytime soon.

The Patissier
4 Mohd Sultan Road 
Singapore 238955
Tel: 6737 3369

(always call to reserve and order) get ur christmas cakes this festive from them now :)

xoxo Pinkyniakoh

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