Saturday, September 15, 2012

Heli fri

Hello hehe short update to keep my blog more active. So basically back to heli on Friday. I know I think clubbing gives people a bad impression of me. But I'm still a very decent girl I think. I just like to socialize. I think the feeling of being high and jumping to the music on podium with a group of girl friends is really awesome, hahahaha! Even though I will wakeup the next day and be like omfg. Cos usually there would be still those few sober ones that would live to tell others about all the unglam shit u did aka like I lie on the floor or Smth. HAHAHA really fml sometimesssss so EMBARASSING I feel like dying. But ohwells. :(

Met Eunice ytd for awhile and then finally my clique to pass them their presents. Didn't manage to see
Regina again :( she used to be my BFF la like we did everything tgt. she recently claims That she wanna club again when she's legal. Then sometimes feel like :/ when my clique keep thinking I go clubbing. No time for them. But when I don't club I also don't really see them. Sigh I really love my friends so I think a lot.

But still. Fun night clubbing with Wenmin and her bf and his friends even though some didnt manage to get in. Finally saw my shitass little bro at clarkequay too. :p But glad i met claire and michelle so it was still fun!:) it is like finally wenmin first official clubbing so I had to be there. and glad that she think that it was fun. I'm not a bad influence!!! Haha but

I seriously have to stop sleeping with all my makeup!!!! And eating so much junk food.. And losing my items.. LOL I'm such a burden friend. But I hope I'm a good frienddd.

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