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this post alot of no makeup pics :O
Hi guys im currently blogging this feeling extremely tired. 
Just watched Resident evil @ nex with sean, jon and roy & wenmin n louis came to watch it too. Rather club though, but recently all my clubbing kakis kind of MIA so im :( cant wait to be legal.. saves so much hassles and shittalks from people same age as me but just because their birthday month is so much earlier than mine, they seem to think they have the authority to laugh at me lol.

One week of not blogging since i was too busy working. Wanted to blog ytd, then today morning, but i kind of procrastinated loads..

shall start of this post with my personal reviews on this 
"Blink Blink whitening snow mask" for the body

as well as this, for the face

Recently this brand, cathy has been quite the topic for certain hotshot bloggers, and even my friend used it and claims that it works wonders. Its like you can see the vast difference INSTANTLY. Im the kind of girl who doesnt get sunburns, just get tan super quickly, but takes years or months for me to turn lighter.

before (hahahahaha cant help laughing at my face LOL)
basically both masks is similar, just one for the face and one for the body. To be honest i was real excited but turned out to be nt much of a big deal in my perspective. I mean it DOES turns me real white, look at the before and after (no makeup ) pics

i look so much whiter right?! But i think cons:
1. the whiteness is kind of too unnatural at the beginning
2. its not exactly whitening your skin, i can feel my pores clogged(!!) and all it does is to leave a layer that sort of feels like a semi-temporary, yet super hard to remove foundation..
3. its kind of hard to even out the 'whitening' esp applying it on your body where its hard to apply stuff yourself on ur ass or so.

so i would recommend this for people who likes to use those foundation kind of products.. Not for me though, but you cant judge it by what i say, just my personal preference!

some taohuay that tastes like laoban my aunt made <3

Me and wenmin is getting way to les recently.. louis like jealous haha! :/ had some complications which kind of pissed me off but glad it is okay now. 

I seriously need a bf man. I hate it when my good friend's bf like blame me for like introducing my guy friends to their gf or what bad influence shit... o.o i mean i have no intentions of anything, friends are bound to know close friends what, and this is not the first time this kind of things happened..previous time i was called slut.. Forever is the girlfriend's friend fault, but it takes two hands to clap must remember. 

thats why i say guys dont understand the friendship between us girls, you think all girls are like me so welcoming meh.. we get insecure sometimes to the point of afraid of sharing friends in case ur friend prefers the other party more. haha sorry i think alot. im just trying to prove a point that girls would get.
anw its ok alr.

Last sunday went to eat @Paradise Dynasty at Ion's 4th level. I liked the atmosphere!



Their signature xiaolongbaos they are famous for. One of a kind.
Red- Sze chuan flavor
orange- Crab Roe flavor
yellow- Cheese flavor
Green- Ginseng flavor
Light brown- Garlic flavor 
dark brown- foie gras flavor
blackish- Truffle(mushroomy) flavor
original flavor

was quite affordable!

accidentally closed my eyes

Tried sour sally for the first timeee yum

was at cine and they now have this maybelline booth there too, forced wenmin to take this with me while she bought something at the machine hahaha

started my mooncake packing job on monday @Goodwoodpark hotel next to fareast.
Ben's recommendation, (im ok with him alr hahah quite glad i guess)(i always quarrel with my friends one:( )
he said girls job damn slack but turned out otherwise! Lucky dont have to work on weekends. but five day weekdays itself alr killing meee. lucky i asked wenmin to work with me since its only two weeks, means one week more! and the guys are all quite fun to hang around with just that it gets real tiring and sleepy when they are sending the mooncakes to various locations. super busy. and i shall not even mention on the hygene of the mooncakes in this so many stars hotel.. 

Everytime i start working for a company, i realise that so many things lack quailty..
my first day of day with no makeup cos i wokeup late

ate this aft work. working from 8am to 5pm. have any idea how early i had to wake?!

first day aft work went to class chalet! 
played drinking games later that night. quite fun i swear but its a pity i had work so i only came from evening and stayed over one night, then cabbed to work the next morning with 2 hours of sleep zombiefied, then didnt have enough energy to go back the next day so its quite regretful.

chalet @nsrcc pretty big n nice

the staircase which i fell down on... added 3 bruises to my collection on my limbs and the handphone charger i was holding broke into pieces LOL.... too twirly

i love bbq but usually i do more of the eating

beware pics below with no makeup and contacts cos i just bathed. high defination camera pics koped from huijuan. 

majiong for awhile

gwen, huijuan and me

gwen, enjia, huijuan and me

freaking unlucky, working next day still keep getting all the heavy shots n kings cup -_-

indian poker LOL drunk cat

my pretty nails got destroyed by my tough job..


stoning wenmin on the fouth day.

ate like alot recently. gained back 3 kg that i lost. argh really needa control my diet but is kinda impossible esp when im such a glutton
anw the fareast basement @ the korean ntuc the melona milk ice cream damn awesome. hahaha

ate @ kfc for lunch on friday @ fareast haha since louis chunks and brendon queued up for iphone 5 and sold it at fareast earning a profit of 250 dollar. probably half of my slogging mooncake job

hehe love for kfc. maybe i should work in kfc so i would not eat this kind of unhealthy food/fast food so much if i saw the behind the scenes. but i still eat mooncake la LOL cos as i said. im a glutton.

aft wordk TGIF met trish at town we three watched ted. freaking lucky, cadbury was doing a promotion in our cinema theatre and those lucky people with golden ticket on their chair could get a free goodie bag and we got it!!! Okay technically wenmin took the golden ticket from the next empty chair. whom eventually this plumper woman sat on. so aye we did a "good deed" la. hahaha

cadbury was damn generous with their goodie bag, and guess what, they even gave two large bars of my recent crazed marvellous creations cadbury chocolate priced around $9.90 for that! damn nice, got three flavor, my fav is the one with crunchie golden bits and jelly beans ^^

Ding tai fung with my parents on a sat
the braised duck fried thingy at the center of the picture is really nice, one of their new dishes.

aft that went courts and saw my IT fair colleague awkward! hahaha i hate it when i see people without any form of makeup n contacts, i really think im getting too reliant on makeup recently..

yup i think its better to follow me on instagram.
udders maoshanwang icecream is damn nice :)

and yes i have a big seductive pimple on my chin.

did i mention i sprained my leg :( 
left leg the backbone there can see its more swell than the right one. which has a figure of an hourglass. now its more swollen then in the picture alr! i have no idea how i sprained it.. one morning i wokeup and i was limping..

xoxo eugeniania

do check out my youtube channel! feel like doing a cover on we are never ever getting back together, taylor's new hit~

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