Thursday, September 13, 2012


Hello guys~ Brief short update. 
So the first person i met up with to pass her gifts & such is liew wenmin hehe
ate @ whitesands pepper lunch, she so nice come find me, then we watched some movie by miley cyrus called - LOL not bad? more of those sappy genre girls would like i guess.
 my appetite sure increased loads after thailand.
I can eat until like the whole plate empty and still eat icecream and stuff!! o.o

and im going to start my diet!!! soon? HAHA

Random makeupless face, im so annoying i know but im just quite irritated at my recent complexion :(

taken with my poly bff zhiyan tay <3 hehe we both have chubby faces right! poor december babies :(

TLTB and me sheryl gervina zijun zhiyan me! :)
before entering zouk ladies night. hehe zouk-ed for the second time! think it was more fun ytd compared to last week

with zijun! <3
hahaha i think im damn childish and retarded because im a noob shit clubber that went zouk first time last week and im so amazed by the UV lights inside that will make like white stuff neon in the dark 
so i wore this teacher looking outfit HAHAHA anw i gained weight so i recently like to wear this kind of not really proper clubbing outfits to club hehe
but it was so pretty i swear hehe under the lights

dance dance dance dance dancinggg in the darrkkk~

three crazy sehgao eastsiders in the cab HAHAH weishan and sheryl was damn crazy i swear..
and i swear i like to do this twist all the time LOL

a collage that summarizes the night love em! <3

xoxo eugeniania

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