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Party Frenzy + Junjie's 18th +Gervina & jorgine's 18th

Hi guys finally getting my stumpy fingers to type out this post. Been super procrastinating for this. Wanted to wait for gervina to post the hotel celebration pics first then decided to go on because there are simply too many photos that i have collated throughout this week alr. Then she just posted it.
So imagine how long i procrastinated.

Im still quite a newbie blogger so i had some issues with the image uploader again, hahaha but just solved it. So another reason why i procrastinated. Somehow the image uploader became the previous generation's one again. The one you had to browse and choose and upload 5 by 5. freaking tedious, felt like closing my blog down seriously. LOL.

Head is currently throbbing, think this week was my most crazy party, sleepless week in my life. Im going to die of kidney failure. If you followed me on instagram/twitter, should have seen these battle scars.

cant even remember getting these. Ytd fight broke out when we were zouking :/ And im like totally in my own world when my guy friends also involved. I just felt ppl pushing damn hard behind me so i think i knock my head and my mouth also got bruise. LOL
marcus accidentally punched wenmin's nose haha, apparently a group of guys wanted to dance with me and they pushed jj away or smth. then they hit on of my another guy friend and then all started to fight. I feel damn bad!! but really thankful for them!

wenmin came my house to prepare first cos she staying over aft party ^^ hahaha i think she damn pretty ytd LOL she wore the top i bought for her <3 I think i partied too much, so my eyes were like quite smaller than usual i think ytd.

sian my leg not skinny and alot scars LOL

First time clubbing with Gilda and vivien sec school my very first bestfriends clique. Btw many people say me and gilda look alike cos we are distant cousins! Even though the night ended quite .. but we still all had fun la :) Super long never see them alr! Quite glad that we caught up.

with vivien the birthday girl!

vivien and wenmin hehe 

bffs vivien and gilda!

bff us me and wenmin :) she look really pretty ytd!! but poor thing her hand got stung by bee, so damn uncomfortable!!!!

junjie me and marcus! walao me and junjie chiong club this week 3 times!!!

me gilda vivien :)

with wenmin~

LOL marcus face damn seh. with marcus hongsheng junjie and russel. somehow i feel i always want to be more feminine but i think i became more manly esp hanging out with the guys so much nowadays. I really wont find a boyfriend.. #facepalm

I really like this photo!!! :) vivien and gilda face damn red mine and wenmin just like LOL bad blood circulation.

im glad to say that finally the tedious mooncake job have came to an end. LOL met really nice people there, kuanbing and his friends and some really kp people. esp this indian woman, LOL i shout at her. bad anger management. But she really think she like the boss. Whats more i had like 2 hours of sleep everyday only, super tired shouldnt mess with me.

 Because i went to gervina and jorgine's party then went work as it starts at 8am.
Then i still went zouk on wednesday. :o!! Then i was damn stone. but this job really damn tiring need carry alot of heavy stuffs. we pack like thousands of mooncakes everyday. hands damn pain, i even clean someone's vomit because some of the guys stayed there and went drinking then vomit in the room -.-

but at least i worked with wenmin, and the people there very funny. but i swear everyone smokes, and some people got attitude problem esp this two girls, one like ask me to zip up my shirt in front of so many ppl while working like wtf? then later she apologise. lame really.

but i think so also la, work this job for one month me and wenmin say we will become berserk really. face so many mooncakes. I think i became tanner also. :(
my skin sucks now too, my face hadnt got a breather during that period. late night sleeps, lack of sleep. eyebags damn bad. and bumpy face.

not exactly very hygenic. LOL shall not comment.

the famous goodwood park snowskin mooncakes finally bought on the last day of work. Orange- jackfruit, red- banana orange, yellow- d24 durian, white- mango pomelo.(i like the jackfruit and durian one better than the other two) really quite special, only snowskin mooncakes that has to be placed in freezers. so imagine the speed we had to pack it.

slacked for awhile

best time of the day, end work!!

hahahahaha lame take pic at the hotel like some guest

le sick me fluu

ok i also liked the lunch part. somedays we went to fareast to eat during lunch break as gwp next to fareast. Pasta mania!

finger foods from chippy ^^ and oyster meesua!

old town!!!
the food there is considered quite ex for this kind of kopitiam food and their shop layout look like some coffeeshop, but is a more atas food outlet with big variety of those singaporean kopitiam favorites and so far i tried all their dishes i think all really very nice! n big portion :) ! quailty checked! 
wenmin's  had curry chicken NICE!
and my curry mee wanton !! nicenice :))

their signature iceblended coffee with oreos or smth

flu makes me look haggard

before going to gervina jorgine party, met up with jj jon roy sean my usual loves at town!! finally tried flam's pizza @ central next to 313. Had their speciality duck with cheese and honey (i forget the name) pizza. around 18.90 for this thin slice of pizza. i think its not filling at all. so is more of a teabreak kind of food in my opinion. but its makes a awesome appetizer! sean jon they all say nice.

sometimes i think i damn stupid. cos before eating this, we wanted to eat ewf at the first floor, then i went to the toilet, then i rushed back to place a order, then the counter woman like scolded me sarcastically. then jj and sean damn angry walk off say she damn attitude, dw eat alr. i still like 
huh o.o what happened i totally dunno she was scolding me LOL! i thought she talking to the people behind me.

supposed venue at wanderlust but in the end too many people, the hotel recommended them to change venue ><

everyone gets to take polariods with the bdae girls~ hehe 

girl group photo! jorgine, sheryl, gervina, zijun meee

with zijun :)

sheryl :)

incomplete group polariod

the pretty cute nice cake and cupcakes sheryl made for them!! and my thighs look nice in here HAHA

both sam and ej wanted to step like its their bdae LOL

all the alcohol. i think i was the most maintained that night, too tired alr!!! work whole day.

asher instagramming then zavier instagramming its a piception picture

with gerv :)

hahah group guy pic with a fainted zigui, HE DAMN DRUNK hahaha yaorui face damn funny

asher zhongwei zav samuel ej, im like the photographer of the night! the only sober one!!!!!

LOL with yaorui. the only nice photo i had taken that night

1 shot 2 shot 3 shot 4!!


i wonder who was the person under that blanket LOL

hahahahaahahahah all lousy

i like this polariod but its not mine to keep! :(

even though i was quite like tired and ~~ im glad i managed to speakout about something.

But now theres another thing bothering me actually. But its not my choice to make. Because i know i have been a very good friend. it just feels that our friendship isnt real anymore. so ohwells. 

zouk night on wed!!! was so tired but went cos jj turns legal. wore damn causal!

neon orange off shoulders and flower pants from bangkok

im really glad weishan accompanied me hehe cos i dont like to be the only girl clubbing.. so i really appreciated it!! hahaha and she also like me. both still like zouk luminous lights. HAHAHAH both wear neon.

cutie roy

bdae boy jj~ happy birthday!<3


hey sexy ladyyy~~

best bros. jj and roy (photo not in order!!)

jonnyyy! :)

hehe i fucking love them really

swollen eyebag eyes LOL so did this hahahaha with my handkerchief 

i think fri heli i look quite nice :p helipad with claire adelyn etc~ no pics, all too drunk LOL
im still damn touched cos i randomly ask keith to treat me drinks then he just ask me to meet him at the bar and then he bought drinks for me, then weishan and regina with me so he also buy for them.

waiting for regina DAMN LONG NEVER SEE HER

xoxo eugeniania

hope you guys enjoyed this post!! im getting too addicted to partying recently. cant wait to be legal!!!

Ps I need more sensible questions on my formspring really all the horny comments questions getting on my nerves!!!!

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