Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Your Traveling Guide to Bangkok, Thailand in 5 days.

Hello guys! Im back, and I promised a very juicy post of thailand right, I shall start blogging about it now. Please bare with me, this shall be one of the first time i shall change causual blogging style and attempt blogging about my reviews and tips of most of the things i went through and experienced and how i felt about different eg. shopping areas, food places in bangkok this time i went! enjoy :)

I personally think that a trip to thailand- Bangkok, 3-4 days is enough. So i think the trip was pretty efficient and well organised for me, since i did some research :>

duty free at singapore changi airport departure, haha i bought godiva chocolate. Im not really a hardcore chocolate lover, despite being a food lover, so i dont go for ALL kinds of chocolate but this was a good buy :)

with some strawberry bits, supposed to be my plane snack but i think i ate the whole bar of it before the plane even departed. LOL!

my passport and its childish cover, but its pink!!
I shall not expose my fugly Passport photo, Is my ic photo as well, but since i misplaced my ic, now my ic photo is better than the passport photo.

I didnt bother applying anymakeup but think i drew my brows only for the flight. My complexion needs to be better!!

no contacts.

haha sorry spammage of my face. LOL. has been long since i went out on a trip with my camera. So needa test its effects and all.

took cathay pacific. quite stupid, since the flight is only two hours from Singapore to thailand. 
I didnt know why we took Cathay. 

The start of my sinful 5 days of diet. You only live once la, actually i fucking love food, so if you wanna say im fat and cant eat. Up to you! 
Food onboard. Seafood fried rice/ chicken pasta.
I liked the chicken pasta better!

The previous time i went to thailand I took a thai airways or smth (i forgot the name) I think the food they serve was nicer HAHAHA for your infomation only..

this was very nice, veryvery sweet. LOL

movies onboard omggg i think im the only one who hasnt watched men in black 3. theres brave too!!!
but i dint watch but slept aft i ate instead. LOL. Remember the previous night before i took off i was being such a dedicated blogger and blogging about my clique outing at hatched, so i was pretty tired.

think our flight was delayed and there were a huge amount of passengers so took quite some time exiting the aiport :( missed our ride. so Took a cab. 

cabs are freaking cheap in bangkok really. I cant explain how bloody cheap it is compared to singapore.
Stupid singapore government, really ..
I wanna cab everywhere like how i did in bangkok!! 
but communicating with certain (unless you are lucky) cab drivers in thailand is rather hard.

so we had someone helped us write our hotel name in thai for us hahaha freaking hell. look at that.

i exchanged some of my pocketmoney this week with mom cos i want to buy some presents for my friends. Im so good thanks.

First time staying at this hotel.
pathumwan princess hotel.
Good Five stars hotel

At first we wanted to stay at Amari Watergate, the prev hotel me and my mom stayed right opposite platinum!! (Biggest wholesale shopping centre in thailand) good for shopping. convenient. but was fully booked or smth. so I did some research and chose Pathumwan princess.

the cafe where we had buffet breakfast every morning.

my fatty dad LOL hahahahahahaha im a bad daughter. LOL candid

booked two rooms joined.

purple my room and grams, orange my parents!

oh so there is a curtain function HAHAHAHAHA i really dint want incest to happen

dinner for first night.!!

i love chilli love this weirdy sauce HAHA i love saucess

T restaurant

whoo i love coconuts

nice omelette!


mom ordered some weird duck tongue thingy i dint eat this. LOL

the fish is nice

kangkong nice

famous fried thai curry crab!!! not bad. many thailand seafood restaurants is famous for these babies but i think the restaurant i ate the last day their thai curry crab was nicer compared to this.

good dinner tho overall :) veryyyyy cheap again, compared to singapore.

realised my hotel was connected to MBK, a higher end shopping centre, so it was very convenient!!
Amari watergate, opp platinum, princess next to mbk.  i think princess slightly more convenient?
both serve fattening buffet breakfast in the morning though, haha my mom prefers the breakfast at amari.
im neutral. i guessss

we lived at the district, so its like many shopping centres are around here. then in thailand,
aft being there for a few days, these shopping centres are actually connected by like sky bridges, (called NTS or smth)
traffic is rather bad so we kept taking cabs at first cos we were unsure of the areas, but in fact, walking to each area like Mbk to the Siam area im going to talk about later, is rather convenient! 

but cab is still very extremely cheap despite the traffic LOL

on a part of the NTS in front of mbk haha some projector show.

mbk got cinema, then saw a movie poster of my fav MARIO LAUTNER ARGH freaking love him since i watched the thai love show- crazy little love. he damn handsome okokokokokok so i had to take a pic of him LOL

another jap restaurant located between the walkway of Mbk and Pathumwan princess. Alot of famous actors stars etc likes to dine here.can see all the photos.

hotel lobby sells cheap nice icecream!! i had like two icecreams everyday on a average im there. SO FREAKING CHEAPPPPPP argh, hotel lobby one scoop 80 baht.
1000 baht around singapore $40.40 so means 80 baht is like... less than four dollars wth

macaroons also damn cheap zz like 
8 piece 180 baht. singapore.... $7.20 ?! not even one dollar each compared to singapore.
so nice somemore SINGAPOREEEE argh

choc chip

blueberry yogurt ARGH FREAKING NICE

MY FIRST box of macaroons. Raspberry, mango, blueberry, chocolate, jasmine, coconut.
all very nice!! least liked the chocolate one tho XD
supposedly more famous is their blueberry flavor and choc.

breakfast next morning.

took afew shots only cos i abit embarrassed. Sometimes trying to be a dedicated blogger means thicker skin..
HAHAHAH really need to be thick skin 
ppl would be like wth this also want take pic -.-
then my parents very annoyed one. when they damn hungry, want eat the crab or smth, i'll be like EHHH WAITTTTTT uses my camera, then use my photo instagram* HAHAHA 
then still need adjust the food look nicenice, takes those weird veg on the food and throw it to one corner*

really very FATTENING LA but like buffet style so i need to try almost everything ok.

my favvvvvvvvvvvvv argh the cheese in the omelette melts and pops in my mouth ROFL

thailand is more of a hot and humid country, so i bunned up my hair everyday!! and minimal eye makeup, really imagining my pores expanding and pimples growing due to the heat before it happens
so prevention is better than cure!!!
so all my photos is an egghead !!

i really want my face to be less chubby!!! i dont care if im fat but Bless me with a less chubbier face pls

was rather annoyed cos i wanted to shop but my parents wanted to go on a one day tour. LOL

took this

awkward photo but idk what i doing seriously but HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

boat took us here very pretty la okay

saw thai cats very pretty

so cutee


HAHAHAH my eyebag damn bad and the sun was like BOOMZ


boat took us to another location, bought bread so called 'donation' to the fish gods or smth HAHAH i wasnt listening to the tour guide exactly. but this interest me ok!!!!!!!!
SO MANY BIG CATFISHES you would be amazed. the pics dont do justice. i think they will eat human also. imagine if i dropped inside :o

all snatching for bread

mini floating markets

hahahah sorry i promise only this part keep spam my face :( LOL

camwhore with my grandma's specs HAHAHAHAH

went to a jewelery place BORING. no photos allowed

aft that went to this honey bee factory. learnt alot of things actually. HAHAH got diff type of what honey, pollen grain ah what blabla aiya just ask me if you interested to know HAHAH

DO YOU KNOW all bees can be queen bee is just the food they consume diff, so some become queen bee some become worker. LOL and the size of queen bees is like much bigger and taller( i mean their ass is longer) and they live much longer compared to worker bees cos they only eat royal jellies throughout their life. so people if you want to boost ur sexual hormones as well as growth EAT ROYAL JELLY!!!!! from young even better, ok im getting boring, i shall not bore u guys with my nerd talk.

bought loads of honey meh

and i bought honey icecreammmmmmm Yum

four faced Buddha place

one face pray for health, wealth, love and _ i forgot.

These sums up some of the tourist areas for bangkok. NOW, SHOPPING!!!!!!!!!

Siam area ( Siam station - if you take their train)
I personally liked this area best among the other two major shopping areas alr.

you can see one side of this is siam paragon, and the other, siam square ( I at first thought i is another another  shopping mall, siam square, but it is not, its more like bugis street kind, not really air conditioned.) But the things at siam square is more in trend to me, more hip and trendy, with many small boutiques and local designer labels, but it gets rather packed during the evenings, more for teenagers!!

Had lunch here @ Som Tam Nam!! Queue was rather long but its damn worth it!!! I think i had my best meal here throughout my stay in bangkok and i dint think i waited that long. 

located around the middle lane of siam square.
392/14, Siam Square Soi 5,
Rama 1 Rd, Pathum Wan,
Pathum Wan, Bangkok, 10330

you have to take ur orders while queueing. at first was rather worried but turns out that the restaurant had two floors and rather spacious so wait was short esp it was on a saturday!

i mean seriously a must try in thailand. thai food. thai delicacy ya!
The guy taking orders know english also haha i think he think i cant eat spicy, typical stereotyping for people who look like me. The food there rather spicy, so you should tell the guy taking orders if you want ur food to be less spicy or what. Cos he asked me tho, and i was like YES I CAN EAT SPICY hehe ^^

second floor

had my most spicy meal in thailand. HHAHAHA next day i shit fire i think but DAMN NICEEEEEEEEE argh

thai milk tea must try!!

their recommended crispy fish THUMBS UP

mango salad MUST TRY!
apparently voted as having the best 'Som Tam' - mango salad in bangkok by CNN
Heard that their papaya salad with pig skin is even better tho!!

sticky rice yum in pretty bamboo casing!!

salted pork hehe

awesome chicken wings- serves 4

pork rib tom yam soup FREAKING SPICY I THINK ONLY I DRINK HAHAHAHAH but damn nice even though my throat was buring but really loved it

all these for only singapore dollar $26 bucks?! can u believe it!!!!???
really best meal in thailand, damn nice and price like freaking worth. and im slightly drooling now BYE

beauty buffet this brand that sells alot of cosmetic stuffs in bangkok, made in korean but packaged in thailand, you can find their outlets in most shopping malls & even some of their sky train station.

tricia ask me to help her buy eyebrow pencil she said its good, there were two types and i dint know which one she wanted so i Bought the more expensive one. eyeliner and eyebrow pencil.
i really think its not bad!!! bought two cos i wanted one but regina wants it too so i shall give them one each! :) hahaha abit regret not buying and exploring more stuffs in that shop!!
seems thumbs up!

earrings i bought at siam square. 
Around evening time people start setting up their stalls along the main road that separates siam square and paragon!! i bought these earrings there, accessories are rather reasonable priced there :D

getting hot so went siam paragon

first floor more atas shop

basement got a siam ocean world and all the deserts shops, 
heard this shop 'after you' their honey toast and icecream very nice! but didnt get to try cos, too full hahaha

bubble tea in thailand!

milk tea and pudding :)

honey pomergernade fruit drink ahhaha i dunno how to spell pomer---

thai brand of bags, i dont like but ALOT of tourists would buy, like really very cheap.

went to central and their after you outlet closed there so i tried secret garden!! i swear all their shopping malls filled with so muchhhhhhh food places its hard to decide. and their macdonalds seems empty on the other hand cos one set meal is around 12 bucks singapore. LOL so ironic.

secret garden famous crepe cake, very nice

round 2 of desserts in the hotel room

recent korean brand of huge range of skin and body products that  recieved very good reviews. 
Hard to find in singapore and i think in thailand its slightly cheaper too!!
bought all of these at karmart. another brand outlet similar to beauty buffet!

and this "blink blink whitening snow mask" has super great reviews you can go see Tammy tay's blog.
tessa tried and say its damn good instantly one use, can see ur skin become fairer!!
i have always been tan so i decided to get one and try haha!


bought one for the face as the other one is only for body!

three products for 30 plus singapore bucks. okay right?

buys from siam area. the best! most trendy i guess.

my day 3 breakfast. AHA weird combi

with le dad mom and gradma!

otw to chatuchak! thailand's biggest weekend market! open on weekends only. sat and sun from 10am or later to sunset.

mom bought these for one of my nephew hahaha i think damn cute if i have a baby i also want him/her monday tues wed thurs fri sat wear!!!

the buys there was soso, i mainly shopped for my guy friends. and my dad also bought alot for himself. HAHA hate shopping for guys. i think my taste in this aspect sucks, and also not very good to begin with.
 i actually think chatuchak has a vast variety of stuff for guys!! quite in trend somemore.

best buy there hehehe i doubt i would wear this in sinagpore unless i lost 5 kg. or i'll be ugly and acting cute.

LOL sweaty

some stall that sold rock sugar desert cos i couldnt find the red ruby desert i had there the other time!! 
inserts very sad face :( chatuchak is too big!
and kinda sunny, hot and makes me sweaty.

bought some tribal thing from this young lady, same age as me.

alot of those side stalls which sells very nice food. this is MUST HAVE AT chatuchak, their coconut icecream!!!!!!!

free coconut drink

freaking awesome

next to it also long queue, traditional thai milk tea. ugh much love !!!

veryvery fortunate tummy of mine ^^

finally a stall that sells fried pig skin, sounds gross but very nice like 'koropoke'

bought eight packets LOL 6 pig skin n two fried fish skin nicenice

in the cab passing by siam square spotted another long queue, thai mangos are awesome!

think this is a desert mango shop. next time i would try it!

dinner at another random thai restaurant at central

food was more ex there

had crab salad hmm kinda raw and doesnt cater to my tastebuds

and their catfish fish which scares me. LOL since i fed catfish and now im eating one. didnt really touch this :(

the phad thai was awesome tho!!!

and their sticky rice fried balls and satay thingy! also nice :)

long queue for fried ice cream! TOP Floor of central, near the thai restaurant.

banana choco chip

mango very nice ^^ LOVE ICECREAMMM

this is an outlet for those products at karmart i bought!

went to health land at night, very famous branches of message shops. didnt expect it to be so 
freaking big and atas looking, looked like some country club

need to book like a day before or call in one. cos always fully booked! :o

diff types of massage

hahaha reminds me of the hostel (the scary movie where those overseas people stay in a hotel and they didnt know they are going to get tortured and killed)

changed into this funny looking wear

Massage for 2 hours. quite painful haahahaha im not those kind of massage person. my eyeliner aft that smudged cos i was >< all the way. LOL hahahahah damn pain!!!!!!!! my muscle ache two days aft that i swear lOL

hehe camwhoring with my studded hairband from siam area.

otw to platinum! last shopping area of the trip

decided to try the crepe that trish recommended at platinum basement. which sucked btw LOL
looks nice but sucks.

finally bought my little pony ring!! 
Tip for platinum : Its more of a wholesale mall so i think is better for blogshop owners to go there as when they are buying more in quantity it is better as it is cheaper. Or you could go with more friends to share as well. The shop owners at platinum are also quite temperamental...
cant bargain much, its like WHOLESALE PRICE only kind. 

so for example, in order to buy my little pony ring, which i already saw at siam area the other day at 350 baht (singapore 14 dollars), i had to buy two more items to make it 350 baht, if not you buy one piece its like 490 baht at platinum, so i should have just bought at siam the previous day.

( shopping in thailand is really getting more expensive compared to the other time i went if you ask me.)

so summary: 
siam square- more trendy, cheaper acessories, for teenagers, shop keepers temper better, SOMTAM HAHA
chatuchak- street side delicacies, more trendy for guys, VAST varieties
platinum: more bad tempered shop keepers, wholesale prices, but i think their stuff there like people my mom's age can buy more stuff! less trendier HAHAH but its air conditioned and now there is a new mini platinum next to the old platinum, but i think the old one still has more clothes!

okay finally, lunch at the most famous somboon seafood restaurant in thailand

went to their number 1 outlet, but realised it only opens at 4pm! in fact their outlet no 1 - 4 all opens after 4pm

so we went to number 5! at chamchuri square.

famous for this 

let the pics do the talking......... getting lazy alr

very awesome

sharkfin. damn cheap in thailand omg.

damn nice glass noodles


new demin jacket from platinum. wanted to buy it in army green color or blue but my mom is stubborn 
LOL she always will be like " if you dont buy it in the color i want then i wont buy for you " hello im the one wearing it hahahahaha

taro desserts

did nails at mbk!!! not very cheap.. at level two, zone c, red nails salon. the price they charged is around the same as sinagpore price!

I think there are other shops in mbk that actually do nails for much cheaper like what i did the other time i was there.
i remember it being very cheap! but i just wanted to try this one as it seemed more popular, but i think it was overpriced for thailand. just that they used better equipments like opi nail polishes etc.


hahaha my legs LOL

chose to do a cutesy nail design hehe had been long since i painted my nails!


takeaways for dinner!!! too tired!~

mango sticky rice!

a top i got in platinum. off shoulders got one for wenmin in grey!

hahah another tribal suit from platinum. airport wear! see my tummy carefully. LOL

sucky plane food back

bought like many macaroons for friends hahaha freaking hell squashed even though carried in hand carry :(

reached home, so afraid of standing on the weighing machine, but guess what. i only gained two kg HAHAHAHAHA happy girl okay time to diet or smth!

one of the things i bought from chatuchak, two striped shirts for two of the guys

my overall haul


xoxo eugeniania. Follow me on instagram and ask me questions on formspring if you are unsure!


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