Friday, September 7, 2012

Hatched + Before takeoff

BOO! wow i started off this post with not my face :D
Its like 4am and i am blogging this because tmrw i have a flight at 12.30 pm to bkk (SHOPPING!)
so i'll feel guilty not updating my blog for 5 days.
I AM SO SLEEPY so i shall make this short and sweet.

OOTD on wednesday, went out did some errands with mom, ate alot of food o.o
Ripped skull tee from H&M (that day shopping with wenmin)
Neon skull clutch from editor's market

from maxwell food centre. hahaha! 
bought red bean, coconut and plain(orginal)
super good ate 4 BALLZX LOL

nomnom nice

Ladies night!! Virgin night at zouk/phuture/velvet eh ^^
go zouk for the first time  something to strike off my to do's list. 
Really very pretty inside and that day zouk's music was good and i was very excited 
& it was quite easy for me to get in ;) 
not as strict as Rebel/zirca. and i think i might like zouk more than heli and rebelzirca!!
so spacious and preddy
again clubbing without reginatantan. But met Eunicechocho and chloe first ^^

waiting for the rest~

Note to self: next time dont wear white tube HAHAHA damn funny. even though is not really obvious in the pic, damn luminous in the club under the UV lights LOL i look like a floating bra.

some of the girls in the pic camwhoring at holiday inn while the rest settle drinks.
gervina, eunice, sheryl me and xinyu

shakey~ eunice

gervina ^^

with jorgine birthday girl! :) recently both her and gervina just turned 18 IM SO JEALOUS! hehe

gervina and sheryl and me. 

jorgine ^^

aft club pic of the girls. with claire ^^

hahahahah shagballz vampys

moving on, highlight of the day.
ugh, has been a long time since we five full attendance met up, tricia having her As
some got boyfriend kind unlike me, so always i meet them will lack of someone.
today finally met up without pesky guys hahaha
Look of the day with instagram @pinkyniakoh
butterfly hooped earring from six.
sigh reminded me of losing my earring at zouk. hahaha forever. now i have two pairs of solo earrings.
both my fav somemore, now left one side :(

candid. omy i look like auntie. hahaha the day before i slept with my hair wet at 7am so explains my very bad hair day. (Pics below all taken with camera. instagram pics at the bottom!)

supposedly 4pm meet end up everyone damn late ._.
all same pattern haha with triciaaaaaa

regina and tricia. Im the best photographer!! hahaha i take one time damn nice, but regina sucks at taking photos the most. LOL

trishy and me both wear white!! coincidentally.

awkward position HAHA. with regina.

have been damn long since i came to holland v! Kinda got the overseas feel there~
Alot of nice good food outlets there. i wanna go there explore somemore food places leh ^^


nice backgrounds to take ootd photos.

with regina

regina and tricia

freaking look so short and fat beside them. should have wore heels or smth!

i am a lousy blogger HAHAH my artistic shots always get ruined by this unglam aunties

tricia and me!

hatched was just a 2 min walk from Exit B of holland V mrt (circle line ^^)

nice atmosphere. they have a few outlets.
we were at 267 holland Ave. 
I think the atmosphere was not bad, but the another hatched outlet at evan's road one seems even better.

regina spoiled the pic LOL

these three with poached eggs supposedly their signature dishes.

my signature twist

finally weishan cameee

regina me weishan. hahaha me and trish wear white. they both wear red.

muacks :*

nice candids

red team

white team


horrible picture but im lazy to star all our faces LOL

my smoked salmon ^^ yummy

weishan doesnt like egg yolks, esp runny ones, so she had this phillys

tricia's burly benedict (beef with sauteed potatoes)

tessa late. when she supposedly reached the earliest.. HAHAHA we eat first.. bad friends. too comfortable alr

woosh Ugh im hungry againnnnnnn 

sir benedict. tessa's

forever unglam group pic :( 

made our way to town. aft editors market,

slacked at cine's shokudo with the intention of eating dessert, and it was late alr, surprisingly they close at 2am.

hahahahahahahaha tessa always looks unglam in pics but so do i LOL

dont bother starring our faces.. hahaha tricia and me keep taking each other's unglam LOL damn funny but nah only uploading these.

their most popular icecream is lychee sorbet.

so i had lychee float ^^


udon. not bad!

i think their pasta and pizzas are nice too ^^

LOL @ tessa face. i also look horrible.


decided to take a pic tgt pretending to drink water so can hide our unglam faces.

testing shot LOL retard.

tricia shan and gina

yup and if u foollow me on insta, would have seen these by now!
me and tricia's bff outfit of the day

nice backdrop?

hehe i like this pic alot trishy <3

i like this too!

another failed group photo so i blurred out tess face

very fun day with clique basically. love them loads! like my 4 boyfriends.
endless convos and topics forever. 
made my day!

thats about it. my butt is freaking pain and i have to wakeup in less then 6 hours. nights :(
bon voyage to me hehe hoped u guys enjoy this post.

xoxo eugeniania

i reallllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy am upset about ur actions..

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