Monday, September 24, 2012

"I need to start living for myself"

I need to start living for myself, less for other people, especially the ones that doesnt even matter.
I need to be better

here i am on a friday. TGIF
back to square one.
let us view my tweets.

Maybe I should learn how to tone down for a change lol. Like keep everything to myself. Cos I wouldn't wanna bother other ppl, aren't I?
im a people repellent
sometimes i wished i was less sensitive, that way, i would care less about how others feel, how they think. i care abt everything too much
people who dont matter, i care, people who matters, i also care. at this rate im too occupied for what i want, who i am.

im going to try this again.
just going to care about the people who care about me who matterzxc!

Waiting for gervina to upload her birthday pictures before doing another long post as usual.
so do check this space back.

just ended my tiring mooncake job LIKA FINALLY. hectic and sleepless week. 
hope im heli-padding tonight! and zouk on sat!


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