Sunday, October 7, 2012

Second last week of holis + Crystal Jade + Steamboat + Party

Nothing really interesting, just some updates on the week. Finally met with tessa chan!!! 

Went bomun's house with Wenmin, tessa, nico, louis, chunks, brandon to play majiong. 

something that i had not played in a very long time. And is either bomun's house prospered me cause louis was like "Eugenia play slower leh" then aft that i keep winning holding on to the dealer post, and won like a few big combos and winning tile like handpicken from me, means get paid double. Explaining majiong in english is kinda weird but im just trying to say i was spookily lucky cos my luck  has always been terrible in gambling. 

Nico kept teasing that imma going to get killed or smth hahaha. Louis tricked me into using my winnings to fetch it home so technically my winnings most used on midnight charge cab.

bomun's dog haha his house damn nice to play majiong actually, got like three tables technically

before that met jj eat at bugis cos he was working. I love crystal jade xiao long bao!! I personally think that their XLB nicer than Ding Tai Fung's haha but i wanna eat astons now~

bought alot of the mochi sweets at newly renovated bugis + to share with wenmin. she likes it alot but me nico tess dont like. I prefer mochi with alot of icecream inside! But this is more of floury insides which caters to wenmin's tastebuds better i suppose?

a pic of the topshop earring i wore that day

had steamboat after majiong. Supper- super sinful. But louis, wenmin's bf really can make a very god cook. think he has the talent seriously. he made the soup base damn awesome. Nice!

Next day went bugis eat tomyam again, haha the famous tomyam i always eat so i lazy take pic of it alr. Aft that watched The possession with jj jon and wenmin. Hhaahaha i think it is not very scary quite funny esp the exorcism part LOL the guy was like 
"EVERYONE PUT YOUR HANDS UP" then his body keep shaking then i laugh like mad cos he like machiam Dj in the club LOL

cos gervina and sheryl worked at bugis+ marble slab, so we slacked there and bought icecream from them, rasberry cheesecake and some caramel thing jon and jj liked. they gave us super big portion!

some ireland potato wenmin wanted to try, i still prefer best fries forever!

otw to wenmin house for another game of majiong, which i realise my luck is back to usual hahaha!

headed to town on wednesday, without any makeup cos i wanted to rest my face. Argh i really think i look horrible without makeup now, but i'm still so young, shouldnt get so reliant on makeup, it clog pores ugh!

fav soup spoon ^^ hehe i will forever order tangy tomato!

preparing for zouk. haha another week of three days club. ugh nothing to do in singapore la :(

without makeup and with hehe imma pro!!!! really i think my clubbing makeup skills damn good HAHAHAH

quite a good chill night. aft club, a group pic with the girls! yunus photo bomb. hahah then this girl jasmine from np came into the pic too she was real nice like took care of me all that night even though i  think eunice needed to be taken care of more!! hahahaha but im thankful :)
her friend came into the pic too! from left to right
jasmine, shuying, me, qimei, yunus, claire, eunice, adelyn ^^

tried the almighty golden oreo but i think i still prefer the signature black one.

i did my makeup most fast and anyhow that night cos i not really in the clubbing mood. just that its ladies night so just go lor! then end up not bad hahaha.

heli makeup on fri!!

met up with shan first and used her iphone 5 to take pics immediately. LOL i think iphone 5 camera damn good!

one shot and i think i look so nice and sharp with her front camera omg.

in the train to clarkequay and im an ass as usual

with regina~

didnt take much photos cos it was kinda of a bad night, maybe cos of me..
made people damn mad at me cos i was drunk and created a fuss. I swear i'll never drink so much next time. ahhhhhhh its kinda embarassing !!

only took like a girl group shot. but actually the lighting here damn nice all!!
regina, vivien, ME, wenmin, gilda and shan

can see from this pic im like mad alr i think

i wanted to target my gfs who often wont drunk one then end up they all drunk and wenmin vomitted etc gary also. then i also freaking drunk got screamed at. LOL hahahahaha quite funny now but i learnt my lesson

hahaha cant use flash the lighting became so weird. vivien, me, louis (photobomb) wenmin, gilda and half cut out shan.

sat night at heli. Sometimes i want to paste this blue thing out on my hair but people will probably think im crazy haha.

chillz night~ tribal skirt from bkk; outfit of the night

didnt take much pics cos everyone like drunk and fight broke out. complicated.
But im proud of myself cos i took care of people cos i dint really drink. PHOBIA from fri :(

with raymond!

raymond and crew went planet aft heli. I wanted to go but im the most sober one alr, weishan and ESP  REGINA, whom went home barefooted. (Means she also at the coffeeshop barefooted hahahahahahahaha hilarious) were quite not in their right state of mind alr so we went to this BK eating house near central to eat with the heli crew, their noodles damn nice.

drunk regina, me, Dj ohan and soloman.

hahahaha i think we all not that sober la, like wtf keep taking vid instead of pic. then hear what regina keep talking LOL she talk nonsense i swear..

me djohan and solo

ya signing off with a pic of drunk regina and weishan.
Moral of story, sometimes being sober is quite fun also. get to see how retarded my friends are and still look nice. hahahaha

xoxo eugeniania hope u guys enjoyed this quite lame post.

GOING TO EAT MACDONALDS LATER i really one month plus never eat since school holidays started!!! Like no fate with it!!! 

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