Sunday, October 14, 2012

Last week of holidays :( + Coca steamboat + Madthrills

havent been using my camera much, iphone is so much more convenient now.
Cant wait for Halloween @ USS, would be going on 20th oct, this coming saturday~~
Promise to use my camera then? ;)

Hello!!! And a big SIGH-HI to you guys. Because its the last week of holis already. So fast 6 weeks passed just like that. Last party for me on Fri- Madthrills feat. dj Inquisitive at Avalon.
I think it should be my last party.. No partying during school days i hope.

Finally had all these for my mac craving the other day, didnt know fries/corn, wanted to eat every burger available so ordered too much.. Hahaha school reopen i comfirm will get sick of macdonalds real soon, since Singapore Poly has mac.

I think samurai burger is overated? personal opinion. I prefer prosperity burger more or the usual mcSpicy hiak

Met up with Shermay and Melody one day at town!~ shopped abit, but still havent bought new shoes that i wanted. Damn long since i last saw them, was predicting sherms to say 1- i slim down 2- become prettier. But dang she only said the first one. HAHA

wenmin cousin bought this dinosaur suit so she wore it then went and instagram the pic i sent her damn long ago HAHAH!!! Bff love aye?

As usual, ladies night with many pretty SP buisness school ladies, but didnt take any photos LOL! getting bored..

chloe ;)

and my darling euniceee ^^

hangover the next day, felt damn uncomfortable but still met Wenmin, Chantel, Louis, Chunks, Bomun
at town, takashimaya 4th level 
coca steamboat buffet

its usually more expensive per person especially during dinner, but we had it for lunch from 12-3 
at student price so about $20 each free flow. But obviously the lunch menu is different and slightly lesser variety

categories are suki seafood, suki meat, suki noodles and rice, suki vegetables 
with diff ingredients in the catergories

hehe i liked the green noodle and fresh squid. 
They are famous for their chilli sauce too.

very min makeup no eyeliner, nothing~


main point of meeting wenmin at town is because we wanted to collect our pay, and the timing to collect is 4.30-5.30pm.
Being the sloths we are, we almost couldnt make it in time and ran from somerset 313 all the way to orchard, beside fareast, goodwoodpark hotel. all sweaty and were are like a joke. hahaha imagine two crazy woman running along orchard road, and i was wearing slippers.

found out that our pay werent ready because we did not do this procedure on our first day of work thus no records of us working, so had to wait for another week. LOL. sweaty and angry

haha ootd with chantel me and wenmin AND MY AWESOME SLIPPERS

SHOPPING at marks and spencers. Fat friends forever. hehehe love all the percy pig collections, bought alot of em.

hehe cute percy pig strawberry chocolate with rasberry bits 

mom made honeydew milkshake for me, rather she make papaya hehe if you get what i mean.

Fri wanted to go heli at first, 
but decided to go avalon since so many of my friends was heading there. Glad we did. But i think i still prefer heli's music. 
Dj inquisitive was the old zirca dj. madthrills event days, i think the guys enjoyed slightly more. but i still prefer DJ OHAN~~ ^^ at helipad on fridays, his clubbing mixes are more mainstream la really.

finally seeing tessa chan in my clubbing photos..

sheryl babeee :)

hahaha i think wenmin look cute here even though her face unglam. too pretty alr.

tessa. sheryl, regina, wenmin and me!

gilda!! hahah

gilda and vivien~

with amelia ;)

Avalon located along the floating platforms of marina bay sands. The night scenery is awesome, i love the ocean.


selfshot girl hah

majority of the pretty girls!
Rachel suen, kimberly, chloe, eunice, dionn, callista, sheryl, amelia and me!!
I rarely wear heels to club, and i think aft ytd i wont ever wear them again.

It made me like 10 plus centimetres taller but my legs(FEET) hurts like a bitch and i suck at walking in them seriously, so i took them out and placed my shoes at one of the tables at avalon, and danced barefooted HAHAH 
desperate measures i swear.. at the end of the day, my feet damn black LOL Singapore is so not a clean and green country..

with kimberly! :)

dionn ^^

pretty reginaaaaaaa

hahaha awkward~


eunice hehehe clubber

chloe ^^

zigui and JJ

me and marc~

zigui and me!

hahahahah kunliang forever drink alot then drunk do this kind of things

in the middle of the road where people is walking HAHA


with callista ^^

hahaha okay marcus turn.

with jj ;)

i hate using flash, look so possessed hahaha

amelia, dionn, me and wenminnn

hahaha before we even entered the club... jj kunliang zigui...
I dont get how guys can drink so much, get super high, not KO though, then they become okay in awhile.

tessa louis wenmin and meeee ;)

hehe sweetest couple award! louis and wenmin

i love tall dudes ftw. hehe louis and jj ;)

took from kim's insta


me and asher. Tell me again how much he looks like my fav shinee key. hahahah
wenmin say we look like siblings!!! ^^

samuel and his new hot spiderbites ;) 

me and humphrey ^^

was too tall for marcus hahaha ^^

sam and me!

i look drunk but im not. HAHA with vien and regina

jj :)

me eunice chloe and regina

marc and gui

me and zigui ~

i love you regina hehe #rdm

fun night, mostly because of the company, extremely big group of people ;)
Love them, hehe AND I SAW DARWINNNNN ^^ 

hahahaha a photo of me aft i removed my makeup and going to bathe.

hehe today went out to ikea with felicia and tessa :)
In a more stoned mood, cos not enough sleep and tied up my hair cos slept with my hair wet the day before and it was damn curly hahaha

YUM salmon and meatballs and mushroom soup

my outfit of the day hahahahah matches with this stuff toy broccoli. tess n regina loves broccoli

took many photos but all too unglam to be posted hahaha!
felicia and tess ;)

finally tried Pure vanilla at coffeebean. I loved it! the milky taste is awesome. Im usually more of a starbucks person but i think i will go back to coffee bean for more vanilla goodness hehe

the raspberry cheesecake was not too bad too.

ohwell, im going to head to bed soon, last day of holidays tmr. Going to go out with my darling bro shikang! :D left so little time to sleep.

xoxo hope you all enjoyed this rushed post. SO lazy to type more words.

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