Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sucky Halloween

SO this was the pizza i had ytd. hehe I love my dad and parents. even though they always nag at me, i know they the best to me still. 

Hahahaha anw ytd zouk was kinda a fucked up night. LOL
TOTALLY LEFT WITH no dignity. but nvm im a brave girl. dunno what the fuck i was thinking actually. was too drunk.. LOL wanted to jump in the river all, cried like SOME DOG i swear my face damn swollen eyes damn swollen all. :'(

okay, let me talk about my pizza first. HAHA i ordered this hawaiian pizza with cheesy, garlicy fillings in the crust! I am so not a crust eating kind of person but this was the sex. hahaha nicenice okay go order. AHHHHH i think today im still abit hungover and high so im like typing nonsense.

AND im so gonna go on a diet. cos currently i just feel damnnnn sucky about myself. And my skin complexion sucks now :(

anw even though i dont really sing anymore, i spent like the whole afternoon compiling this.
hahahah some of my fav lyrics of taylor swift's songs. really love her and her songs man.

totally no makeup, contacts, plus my eye still kinda swollen so dont judge? hahaha i realize everytime i make videos my hair sure damn messy or i got sorethroat or flu or smth one. hahaha or issit i get sick too often? AND my video editing skills still needs some improvement i know :(

okay back to ytd night, i really think i shouldnt have drank so much and did so much nonsense... If only regina was there or smth.. But really damn thankful to those who keep calling me like esp keith etc :( 

 Me and zhiyan both really cannot drink one sigh im a bad friend i feel damn bad i spoiled many people's fun.. im always a burden. so i dont wanna club anymore!! so no image.
hahaha but regina damn funny they all thought i have one night stand or smth thats why i so tilt about ytd. but is not la. LOL HAHAHA

anyway there is gonna be a spammage of my face. i think my makeup skills getting better. and ytd my makeup was really quite good.. i think i look extra nice (HAHA) ytd except for the fact it all got ruined and i dint even party. what a waste of the cover charge..

compare before and after HAHA

okay stop it LOL

eunice, zhiyan and me :))

hahaha starting to think me and her look quite alike hehe <3

and zijun :') another of my savior of the night T.T

im damn good at acting cute omfg

eunice ^^



jon and roy also took care of me etc. jon send me home. damn touched T.T reallllllyyyyyy love them and so sorry. but jon wear the mask damn ugly ok. hahaha


with zhongwei's lighted horns

hehe adelyn dressed up~

and claire hehe :D

with JJ

hehe were we drunk alr? cant remember!

with chloe ;)

haha jj gonna kill me LOL unglam.

adelynn me zhiyan claire. with their standard face for halloween. LOL

find this pic so funny i love you zhiyan tay!:)

then became a trend hahahah they just knew each other.. russel and yunus LOL

HAHA pls dont think i flirt or anything... just playing. and high la

sexy kimberly

solo with the babes :)

half group girl photo!

jon again. he turns red so easily.

and vail :)

le fairies


russel :)

jon me and roy~

candid hehe

look at my drunk expression LOL

roy <3

i was wearing heels leh :( russel like around 190?!

with yunus :)

yea and JJ :) both wore blueee

hahaha took all the three last photo from faceboooook ^^


xoxo eugeniania.

i feel bad cos my dad bought for me its like I AM SUCHA BAD DAUGHTER DONT TREASURE HIS STUFFS :(

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  1. Awww don really sing anymore ? That sad . Liked your videos