Sunday, October 21, 2012

USS for the third time

Yes, as the title mentions, im back to USS again for the third time. This time with my bros, so compared to the previous time which you can read the blogpost here
or view my two albums on my fb 
with my clique, the photos i take ytd is really very little.

I only took one photo (which is also not very nice) of my face on sat morning HAHA, very rare moment. 
nowadays not in a mood to camwhore cos i have this very big pimple and very ugly hair which im going to do treatment by next week to salvage it.

This weekend, super lack of sleep, cause after school on fri, went to watch sinister with JJ, jon and weishan. Didnt really like it, got warned that it wasnt very worth watching already, but the guys wanted to watch it so im like anything~
Then immediately, they came my house awhile for dinner before going to zigui's three day two nights birthday chalet at downtown east costasands.

Dint really do anything much or take much pics, with most of the Zkxsc + weishan regina sheryl zijun zhiyan gilda vivien humphrey. Watched them play pool and bowl which i apparently sucked at both. Im a bowling gutter champion.

Me and JJ slacked for like until 3 plus am before zigui sent me home and then movin wencheng and jj took cab back.

was quite late in the morning surviving on three hours of sleep and a mutating pimple on my face for uss.
Our tickets, the tickets design changed since the last time i was there!

at RWS hehe many nice food shops there

must take photo outside USS Roy, Jon, Sean, me and Junjie

was still a little hardworking at the beginning to take photos!

Hehe as now there is also the halloween event, we all had a sneak peek on the halloween exhibits which we are gonna see on thurs night. on the left side of the photo. I didnt want to be a spoiler so i didnt take it very specifically.

transformers ride!

unglam sean, roy, jon and junjie

hahaha sneakily took a photo of the ride in transformers

one of the things i wanted to eat again back in USS! this near the transformers ride, hehe super love it. fav ball icecream ever. 

anyone knows where do there still sell this in singapore? Formspring me!

 Bought the big cup with jon at $7 birthday cake flavored!

new icecream flavors were introduced. this timee. shop named star dots!

the second thing i wanted to eat was me, regina and trica's fav CHURROS
pic taken from that post.
didnt manage to find it :(

i need to meet tricia soon, cant wait for her As to end, miss her really much :(

after coming uss so many times, it was still quite fun and im not that bored yet i guess, maybe cos my memory quite bad so everytime i take the same ride over again i always forget the feeling that the ride will bring, but of course this time i was like 100 times more braver than the last. 

i totally could take rides like CYLON and HUMAN without holding the strap, just PUT MY HANDS UP IN THE AIR~

Asked a kind passerby to help us take another group shot! at Jurassic park enterance

Hehe kinda like being the photo grapher. LOL

some shop at farfar away

went back to hollywood to have our lunch at

Louis' Pizza, think one of the most worth it meals in USS as food there are usually quite overpriced.

Family feast, four large drinks, two soups, two desert, and a pizza at $59.90

corn or chicken soup

Coffee jelly and oreo

ordered hawaiian

hhahahahahahahahaha had a damn fun and laughter filled day i swear. Sean damn greedy, pour alot of cheese then never close the cap properly, JJ used it after him the cap and all the remaining cheese spilled on his pizza :'DDD

and jon exchanged his pizza with me cos roy go help him put cheese on his and he dint like cheese but he already ate the head of his pizza so i had a headless pizza :(

we were super lucky! Around 6 plus evening we go collect our bags in the locker then started to rain, can see a whole group of people outside queuing up for the night time USS halloween event already.

Remembered i said we wanted to go the full day, means morning USS then upgrade to at night event. Lucky the tickets out of stock, cos it rained at night, then can see like manymanymany people queuing outside in ponchos despite the rain at 7 plus alr, the USS guard told us they were expecting 14k people that night :0 think 20th oct most people bought tixs!

anw we were alr exhausted so lucky we spilted the days to go. The morning weather was quite excellent also sunny but not humid nor hot. :P

so people whom going to USS halloween event, better go there and queue early!

raining and 7 plus alr long crowd i swear when the event starts at 8pm.
blur proof for my CLIQUE of friends whom all are late queens, pls dont be late NEXT THURS.
 cant wait for next thursday!

aft that went back to zigui chalet also but already the zombie mode eugenia hahahaha. With my mutated pimple and manly voice.

hehe I had a fun weekend tho :) really love my friends. ugh but i think the rides accidentally made my tummy piercing stretched and gilda forgot i had a naval piercing whacked it ytd night, so kinda have a bruise and many blisters on my leg.
#complainqueen is me :(

xoxo eugeniania

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