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Halloween at USS + Strictly Pancakes + Yu Cuisine

I am kind of fucken hungry now, waiting for my pizza hut delivery to arrive in like approximately 30 mins time. really love the 62 - 35 35 35 PIZZA HUT DELIVERY~! song cause it really helps me to remember the pizza hut hotline number i swear. hahaha

Shall start off this week with my foodporn pics first, the past 5 days, has been extremely sinful, ate too much good food and spent too much money on food and my hair, needa start saving money~

oh wells, mon aft school, went to star vista to try out this Japanese pasta restaurant- Yomenya Goemon with wenmin. Fat friends forever <3! 

ate set meals that came with soup, salad (which was surprisingly nice despite being plain) and dessert.

Cream Porcini mushroom (Creamy) i liked this better i guess

Mentai Shrimp (not too bad as well)(jap flavored pasta)

there were around 3 choices for dessert and i would be going back to try all but i had this Souffle strawberry icecream cheesecake that day. Looks awesome right?

a pic of my hair now without blow dry.
On mon aft eating with wenmin, i went to bedok to do my hair treatment, it is something like reboning your hair but rebonding actually harms ur hair thus even this lasts shorter, and its more expensive than rebonding, i think i prefer this cause it looks more natural. 
Spend like $250 on that :( 

had dinner nearby. LOL black pepper crab all :o

tuesday after school went eighteen chef with zhiyan, tessa and weishan at simei. hahaha have been so long since i had eighteen chef, during secondary school days, i always go there with my classmates aft school. Cause its quite affordable and student prices comes with iced tea and icecream ^^

my fav is still the top right hand corner black pepper pasta with mushroom, omelette and sausage. hehe their sambal cheese fries very nice too :P

wednesday ate swensens with weishan regina jon and jj! ordered a sucky curry baked rice.. i think pizza hut's curry zazzle baked rice(forget how issit spelled) one is still nicer. But i really love swensens fries hehe and the icecream so nice. hahaha we each ordered a flavor we wanted.

weishan- sticky chewy chocolate (have to admit its nice la. hahah im not a chocolate icecream kind of person)
jon- DURIAN (not bad)
me- my pistachio HAHAHAH everyone hates it so yay more for me
jj- his cookies and cream
last ball of peanut butter smthsmth, i think it sucks but they say nicer than my pistachio. NONSENSE

while waiting for regina go facial we went to the arcade. hahaha wtf damn childish i know, i kept laughing and screaming hahaha so it adds to why i having a bad flu n cough now..

jon and shan teaming up for this 3d ghost gun game LOL

me and jon team up for another airhockey game which we won la hahaahhaa meh

had dinner with jon at whitesands~ beef udon. first time eating it non spicy... tryna to not eat so much spicy stuff alr. but sucks i swear hahaha

Okay i guess this was what you guys have been waiting for, on thursday when i went USS halloween. First few pics from my insta then followed by my camera pics.
before meeting those 19 people at uss, went to eat strictly pancakes with zhiyan, sheryl, zijun, jorg, gervina, (basically tltbz) enjia, samuel and chris, weikang, alex (some of tltbz bf)
start off with this pic of sam wearing my headgear hehe my 'crown' for uss photobombed by enjia

hehe me and zhiyan's garlic prawns smth at strictly pancakes. very nice! will come back again when im not so rush the next time. cos i was late then quarreled with wenmin :(

okay la i say now here i really feel bad for that night hahaha. cos she scold me cos i always late blabla if you reading this she say i never apologize for being late but I HAVE LA(haha ego me) maybe i just said it not that sincerely but okay i am really sorry and i feel that like you quite sian that night? cos i think the group too big then you with ur bf (louis and his friends) yup :/  in the end we had to seperate and all.. i know you were really looking forward to that night :( feel like we could have more fun tgt!! hard to entertain too big of a group of people.

quite horrible insta photo with the $10 saber lighted sword louis bought

yes and had this again in uss hehehehe they all say the left << green one nicer, than the >>> birthday cake flavored one. i maybe kinda agree? but HAHA i will still buy the birthdaycake flavor cos THE COLOR IS SO MUCH MORE PRETTY

no more trams and too long a queue, so we actually walked back to vivo, lucky for travelators, which i sat on unglamly on the edge hahahaha #tomboy

had sinful mac supper and cabbed home af that. really exhausted but had fun:)

my look of the day. with my fav crown hahaha. with fringe nicer ?

or not?
my crown damn popular i think. all my guy friends keep experimenting with it. even alex hahaaha! this photo i took from his instagram.

all we had from strictly pancakes ^^ there are like sweet flavored stuff like icecream/lemon sauce with the pancakes, as well as salty stuffs like beef and butter garlic prawns. both goes really well with the pancakes also! 

photos from my camera! is kinda sad cos i really dont wanna conceal my bloody cheek pimple, which will be staying like a scar on my face now for a period of time, so all my pics can see the prominent little one.

my uss halloween makeup and crown

tried to make my face as colourful as possible with my eyes but i think is not nice la. LOL

messy hair okay hahahahaha too much of my face.

strictly pancakes!

located at douby gaut. walking distance from cathay :)

samuel and zijun ^^

SP (ooh same initials as my school i realised hehe) logo and menu

me is pro photographer!

me and zhiyan twin.:)))) recently this few weeks have been meeting her alot!! and many people say we look alike think we both have the same chubby face, but mine more chubby la HAHA. and she has been a really sweet and nice friend that i treasure ^^ love spending time tgt! can really clique well hehe

over there at the couples section. sheryl, gervina and jorgine! :)

single girls table.. me and zijun unglam. but i think zijun still look quite cute here la hahaha

enjia and samuel!

the guys are really bad photographers. i look shitty HAHAH

girl group photo! ^^ unglam shit HAHAHAHA

TLTBZ~ and me aka leader of CBC hehehe joking im not the leader of my clique T.T

closeup of pancakes accompanied by kinda buenos and icecream

hahahah this few days weather awhile hot, then awhile cold. so i tied my hair and i look like a nun hehe

zhiyan <3

this is damn good and is really quite filling! $14 dollars i think is quite affordable?:) garlic butter prawns yum

the guys and their pancakes

hahaha couple.. I ALSO WANT A BOYFRIEND PLZZZZ hahah 

angsty and sweaty and reached uss. was quite crowded :( and supposedly thursday night is supposed to be one of the days with the less crowd alr. so im gonna be appreciative and not complain. Carts outside selling all the lighted headgears. Quite afforable. Lighted Devil horns at like $5?

so pretty at night

going in~ dint really take much pic of the exhibitions as well as gastly characters cos erm,
1) too crowded
2) too busy screaming or getting freaked out
3) yup i know im a scardey cat, haha i admit
im so brave at taking rollercoasters and all but these ghostly stuffs are so not my thing
4) wasnt enough time to spare!!

Halloween at USS is so different compared to the mornings. they really revamped inside, so it was money well spent. the street lighting, effects, decor, and makeup was great. But it made it hard for me to cam whore and focus my camera. ahaha 

ghastly me and regina:)

sean and me :)

regina and my bros sean, jj, jon, roy hahaha sigh i dint even have a chance to take any solo pics with all those scary characters!

sneakily tried to take afew


they will chase you! hahaha damn scary LOL

tried to take one pic la. but look at my face man HAHAHAHA i damn scared the guy suddenly shock me halfway :( HHAHA standing so far. unlike 'brave' regina whom later also chickened out in the haunted houses.

me and wenmin with flash hehe

there were three haunted houses. hahah went to the insanitarium first, at the water world section. hahaha i think this was the most scary house.

with weishan and min :)
queued for quite long for everything, should have gotten express la. but lucky thing is we could camwhore and i still played some games with them while queuing, so we were all still quite entertained! hahaha

wenmin, weishan me and regina. hahah it was damn dark so couldnt focus! plus i rather not use flash hehe

unglam roy !!!

sean me roy

tried to use the saber sword to make the pic brighter, but ended up looking more like a ghost

me and jon ^^

uploading this cos jj say he look nice here. hahahahah sean photobomb

me and regina again~

hahahahah blur fuck man

this is why i dont recommend flash. im so sweaty all. and my pimple pls GTFO hahaha

damn sweet weishan and gary hehe HAHA

photo taken by jj LOL a rdm guy that talk to us hahaha wtf he posed when the flash went off

imma blue ice princess

me and reginaaaaa

me and jj. hahahaha cant stop laughing at the blur pics

wenmin's ootd she requested for me to upload to my blog hehehe leopard  hehe damn nice and cute. still got tail HAHA

with all the girls! all our OOTD. hehe wore my flowery sandals. hahaha fav photo of the night?

hahahah tess and her cat ears with my sleepy eyes and shan.

me and shan :)

May the force be with you

hahaha roy is gonna scold me cos i uploaded these cos i look nice hahaha

wenmin me and shanny~


jonnn, and again, sean tried to photobomb

second haunted house (chinese version) we went to before i got lazy and didnt take anymore photos cos i asked someone to help me hold my bag hehe too tired and sweaty!

ytd morning, didnt have enough sleep aft uss. cos i reached home around 4am and slept at around 5 plus am. but still got dragged out of bed for lunch with parents
my ootd without makeup

avalon looks so peaceful and different in the morning haha!

went mbs this restaurant to eat dimsum, quite pricey but damn nice !

Yu Cuisine

normal restaurant serves peanuts but they served fried fish skin or smth.

most people wouldnt dare to eat but me likey chicken feet

scallop in yam nest. NICE

xo fried carrot cake YUM my dad likes this the most

mango prawns smth hehe nice

beancurd skin

their nice xiao long baos

and their famous signature custard buns. quite cool cos its orange in color. first time trying custard buns hahaha!

aft that my parents bought me two pairs of shoes i really liked and i went to TWG to get some icecream hehe nice :)

tea flavored special icecream

ordered some caramel flavor and 1837 sherbet flavor icecream. both really nice

at night went home prepare before some helipad action

my flu was damn bad, but thanks zhiyan really thankful she went and get some flumax for me ^^ which i think helped me get thru the night.

but my flu was damn annoying as either my mucus or tears keep wiping away my makeup ahaha then have to keep reapplying..

really like this pic of us.

finally wearing heels to club that my dad paid for earlier in the afternnoon. really like it. hehe i was taller than zhiyan for once!

my swollen sickly face. haha wasnt really a good night cos had some problems before that, still had to go filter help sheryl friend then back to heli again. wasnt feeling well, very sweaty, everything in a mess. and ohan wasnt spining that night :( no offence to dj FAI SOF.. but really quite boring. wasnt that high all, then bad mood and cry :( LOL 

something im feeling now damn weird and sucks :(

group pic with the girls! me zhiyan and gervina in tribal.

the guys OOTD black white black white.

hehe took this from zhiyan's instagram

ohwell i shall end off with my lousy ootd shots with my camera. before i head back to rest again, as tonight im going to ZOUK IT UP! zouk halloween party. cant wait! actually i dont mind going to heli as both clubs have events tonight, but im just going to stick with my friends' choice to zouk. 

tonights gonna be a good night! hope will be more fun than ytd. mehz~

xoxo eugeniania

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  1. Amazing the style you celebrate the Halloween are awesome! look like you spend a great time in USS.