Thursday, October 18, 2012

Marche + Tummy piercing + Porn's thai food

Hello! school has been fine for the past four days i guess, OTHER THAN THE FACT THAT MY TIMETABLE KINDA SUCKS, 8am everyday except for friday. 8.30 am which makes no difference.
Hate this timing seriously, peak period, have to compete for mrt seats with people of all shapes and sizes.

But i hate tuesday the most, 8am - 5pm. Sucks like hell, but i guess im not that tired considered i think i have leftover energy stored during the holidays. But i shall try sleeping earlier and be a more punctual (have been late everyday) student this semster.

Im just like in my world in class, grateful for some of my classmates. But i cant be bothered with like the class dispute and anything seriously. Cos i dont really give a damn, I dont give a damn if my ex bestfriend in class hates me now, for being very ego as a person and step. Cos im just too tired of all these, and as long as i have so many other good friends who appreciates me for what i am, Im happy enough :) Im usually a very revengeful person and evil hearted so just by summarising this is two sentence, i think im mother fucking kind.

As usual i shall say I SHALL BEGIN MY HEALTHY DIET, cos i gained 2kg in these four short days hahaha! But im happy, YOLO. you only live once, if tmr you die, what for have such a sexy figure?

On sunday went town with shikang! ^^
Had marche, located at somerset 313. Italian cuisine.

Our icecream crepe ;) the left ball (HAHA sounds funny) is nicer i guess. I forget its name! somehow spelt as pana coca or smth! hahaha tastes like strawberry shortcake. yummy ;) chose the cheese spread in the crepe. This is around 19 bucks.

Had dinner at one of my fav korean restaurants as usual located at cine basement. Seoul garden hotpot. Wanted to eat something new but im so indecisive and kyler kept saying up to me, anything, so i have to make the hard decision. I really like decisive people more. Hate using my brains hahaha.

watched taken 2 aft that nice ;)

Last sem, i kinda neglected my besties CBC clique in school cos i had new friends, but ya like i said, they are really my most true friends. Its really hard to find this kind of friendships nowadays, straightforward, very REAL. so many fake people nowadays. So this sem, im going to meet them more in school hehe
Waiting for JJ to end and the rest.

haha OOTD of regina wenmin and me. I wanna buy more crop tops. hahaha i know i look kinda weird LOL!

Impromptu decision of piercing my naval. Le me is brave. I rather pierce my nose, or tongue, or lips, but so many people say tongue doesnt match me, nose too young punk (and i always have pimples in my nosetrils.) and lips too manly.

at first only regina wanted to pierce, but aft i see her pierce, suddenly, for the first time, (since i always  have no interest in naval piercings) i wanted to pierce my naval, so did tessa, wenmin.

Lucky i am a fatty with round tummy, wasnt that pain. But tessa is damn skinny, so her skin around her belly was tighter, then she bleed and felt like fainting :o Mine dint even really bleed. Hahahah so if you guys wanna pierce, is better to pierce with a full stomach.

Pierced for $60 at
14 scotts road, level #04-11 Far east Plaza
tel: 68340558

hahaha PinkyNiaKOH chose hot pink stud.

with regina and melona>> hehe no one selling brand of milk icecream in KOREA

oh and i cut my hair. is damn short now :( regret. cos layered too much, my hair is naturally thick, so its like kinda frizzy and explosive (TOO MUCH VOLUME I LOOK LIKE I HAVE A BIG HEAD) now. :( my hair annoys me

dinner with louis wenmin shan gary tessa at SHOKUDO at cine. hahaha this is the potato (smth i forget the name) with curry

one of their best selling avacado seafood pasta

very nice clam udon

very thin crusted pizza

i look uggg

hehe spooky girls group photo

I really eat too much, awesome sushi my mom made for me for breakfast at 6am. hahaha can u imagine i can eat this plate for breakfast?!

going to school with bad hair, lazy makeup, i look quite horrible everyday so im sad

awesome dinner with shan and tessa on tuesday. hehe at tamp mall foodcourt.
this QQmian is damn nice

chicken claypot tofu

beef noodles YUM

Ytd went bugis to shop and ate my fav tomyum (haha my food keeps repeating if you are a regular reader of my blog :p) Im going to have another round of sore throat soon but i still keep eating spicy stuff. Bought shoes at bugis. but tessa lost her iphone4s :( 

i phys-coed zhiyantay TWIINNN to go watch SP bball match with me since it was held at simei ITE. so she came to find me at bugis! ;)

really like this girl alot. very cute and we can laugh so much tgt. :)

very tiring day, held many things in my hands! until now my wrists got bruise. I still guided asher sam ej kunliang etc all to go simpang bedok to eat since they were all from the west. walked damn far T.T

wasnt a good night in the end :( because...... i lazy say here haha but glad its better now i hope?

My OOTD hehe flower shorts and my kiddy skull cap! hahaha cos my hair sucks now and it keeps raining so i needa wear a cap to make my hair nicer but it dont really help actually. Explosive :((

While waiting for zhiyan and asher to end school, Me wenmin tessa and louis visted the newly opened STAR VISTA MALL located at buona vista. There are freaking many varieties of mouth watering food outlets there, chose to eat this Thai cuisine restaurant, Porn's thai food. 

If yall know who is pornsak, is his chain of restuarant. I didnt think it was that nice :/ because like i recently went thailand, compared to that. its quite horrible.

look at how skinny tess is

spot my cap

hahaha i look botak

me have no eyes

sweetest couple ever

i look so funny hahaha

mango salad, green curry, tomyam sseafood, phadthai, blabla

otw to town with wenmin

i look like such a cool stylo blogger in my CAP YO

currently this is how i look now at home and i just ate so many sinful percy pigs hehe my fav

bought USS halloween horror nights 2 tickets at cinelesuire basement. they have a booth located there. Wanted to go USS for the whole day this sat. But realised that even if i bought morning tixs and wanted to add on the night event, it is Out of stock alr!! only left this sunday night, next thurs night and sun just now. so i quickly used my just collected mooncake pay to help some of my friends get first. hurry! while stocks last.

So might be still going on sat morning to uss, cos im a good bro, accompanying my telok bros who havent been to uss before hahaaha! :'D

then 19 of us gonna go on thursday night!!! cos next fri Public holiday ;)

really thankful to zhiyannie and asher cos they followed me walk to orchard then to somerset back and fro cos of my pay and uss tixs sale today T.T hehe

okay xoxo eugeniania!

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