Thursday, August 30, 2012


and this is the official second day of my freedom. Going to do a short update before heading to dreamland.
later 30 august to 2 Sept would be working at suntec comex fair.
come visit me :)
Working for courts but not sure where yet would update my facebook and twitter! i hope i can work with my friends leh, they might be seperating us.
First IT fair working without wenmin. feel abit sad haha!!

okay this was a few days before my last paper went and visit wenmin at frolick- tried to study, then there was this old woman sitting at the chair but her butt like accidentally sat on the string also we have no idea how she did it but it was damn hilarious IM NOT TRYING TO BE MEAN HAHA. but she had no feeling of doing that hahaha

had lots and lots of free frolick with unlimited toppings recently but im not sick of it yet >.<
good thing of having a good friend working at frolick haha i love froyo with oreos :)
I think frolick peach flavor sucks, green apple and original much better.

all my diff cups of frolick hahahaha

Finally met up with the lovely tricia; if u read this. can we meet more....
and we ate this banmian at hougang,
like quite long queue kind. not bad :) at hougang mall foodcourt outside this booth.
and my sore throat is worsening i swear, what if its full term. keep coughing!!?

After my freaking last paper my mood WAS DAMN GOOD.
hehehe my paper was 2 hour 10 mins i went in at 4pm. went out at 5pm 
LOL very tired slept 4 hours before the paper only.

caught the apparition at cathay with regina, jon, roy and sean. IT FUCKING SUCKS BALLS DONT WATCH.
tom felton known as draco malfoy in harrypotter also not hot in the movie..
but the female lead is hot. haha! she act as alice in the twilight series.

happy faces with regina!

haha rdm no makeup nor contacts cum center parting hairstyle.

mom made birdnest :) damn nice

i like this

and this hehe


was damn bored as it was a tuesday night, then alot places closes very early. so we had
Desert aft movie. me and jon's DURIAN SNOW ICE :) some desert stall that opens until quite late even on weekdays near bugis junction.

sean's chocolate snow ice. not nice one HAHA

regina's strawberry snow ice. niceee!

slept for 6 hours today cause i wokeup due to my cough :(
went bugis againnn todayyyyyy! very long never go bugis and town shop alr. 
wanna do that soon.
needa see what kind of clothes are more in trend now, and need new shoes man!! 
But since im going thailand. I shall be patient, cos thailand should have the same stuffs that is much cheaper in price definately! most of the bugis and editors market stuffs are imported from those countries.

makeup of the day, look at my eyebags..

in the train with wenmin. i was late, made everyone wait as usual :(
hahhaha i seriously look damn scary in the photo abv..tongue damn long.

headed to my fav tomyam place in singapore to eat with jon, roy, min!!!
had seafood tomyam noodles. really damn nice. i shall ask for a name card next time.
been there umpteenth times but is really hard to describe how can you walk there from bugis mrt.

Outfit of the day taken at the poster of the new going to open soon lasenza shop at the newly renovated bugis+(previously known as iluma)
really nice now! many awesome food places with great atmosphere.

shop selling mochi icecream my fav.
each bought one to try and i think mango and peach was better than the sakura flavor i chose!! 

since the apparition sucked balls, we needed to watch another movie to satisfy ourselves!!
caught the watch, funny!!! much better than the dumb apparition. dunno why ppl tell me nice in the first place cheat my feelings really, so i wont cheat my readers' feelings.

kk shall go sleep now left with 5 hours omg my complexion detorriating cause i everyday sleep so little.

hair is damn black and frizzy needa go do treatment soon!!

xoxo eugeniania

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