Saturday, August 4, 2012

the first time i asked someone for.. (middle)

hello my fellow blog readers! Today I shall attempt to type in PROPER english because formspring anons have been complaining about my lousy english. And my friend, w, also say my blog is boring because i type in lingos/singlish kind, not like those wordy and proper english posts that many people prefer i guess.
Actually i was in a pretty good mood earlier, and could have typed more, talked more. BUT i deleted some important things to me, so 'POOF' there goes my mood. haha :) Nvm, im quite optimistic so NO WORRIES!

So this week have been just more of School, school, school, eat, eat, eat, eat, laugh, laugh, sleep, sleep, sleep, PROJECTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTs. :( Luckily i have good friends all around school to make all these evil projects less tedious. i guess...............

Opened a new pair of contacts! haha 3-tone super barbie puffy pink (eos)
If you guys dont know, actually, i have perfect eyesight. So all these contacts are 0 degrees actually! hahaha :( vain.... hehe but i really like these pretty contacts! But colored contacts are not good for the eyes actually. But im so used to wearing them.

No eyeliner day! and me wearing my pink contacts ^^ and my usual feather earrings, but this set is red. From Diva.

Photos from instagram:
grass jelly


Niang4 Tofu <3 hahaha very nice. I was already having a bad sore throat, but i cant survive without chilli actually. Some people may think i look kind of childish/ kiddish but i can eat chilli VERYYYYYYYY well, like better than my parents and everyone i know. who want challenge? HAHA 
but yeayea, i know im stubborn, plus i love to sing, singers cant eat chilli, its not good for the throat.(not saying im a singer haha! im just saying) PLUS i already have sore throat, i still eat chilli. 
Its like i know all my bad points and problem but im just stubborn.

more food, more food, more food, I think my 'diet' plan is not working. I think i had fast food almost everyday this week. And today morning on twitter i was like. NO FAST FOOD TODAY. but ended up eating kfc flaming drumlets (made my sore throat worse) and drank VENTI STARBUCKS GREEN TEA FRAPPE (My favorite flavor is white choc mocha frappe ice blended; but i decided that green tea sounds a little less fattening but nonsense brain i know, hahaha it still has all the whipped cream and milk)

meet my fellow brother 192 cm basketball pro enjia who is slacking while i was rushing through our project on tuesday. The day where i wore my jacket( very childish heroic rendezvous jacket, pink) not the normal opposite side from people, but my hoodie at my ass kind of opposite. So embarassing, but no one told me cos they wanted me to concentrate on my project HAHA i was in serious mode! like a mode im in once in a veryveryvery BLUE MOON

a big bowl of honeydews for my big tummy

honey stars ^^ finally finished my cornflakes, time to buy new cornflakes^^

oh yea and i had fever :/ but i still went for my 'trying to lose weight run' cos i thought fever temperature was 39.  And i ran 3 days this week only, i seem to have slacked off.. my leg muscles keep cramping in the middle of the night though :/ VERY PAIN. Anw, it was the most tiring run ever. Like i felt that my heart couldnt really pump and like i dint even sweat like a dog, like how i usually sweat. Tim says i could have fainted haha, luckily im strong and dint. 

bananananana strawberry yogurt

Mos burger with wenmin ^^ I love their corn soup and milk tea

I think mos burgers Fish burgers are the best ^^

^^ was eating this in class and zavier and enjia keep saying i very fat very fat ~~~ 

SO, if u guys followed me on twitter. would have seen me spamming ytd. 
because, enjia, have this eye candy girl in school that we have first seen like two weeks ago. Then she was wearing green that time so we call her 'watermelon girl' then dunno why, this week, We kept seeing her.  Then i think she knows that we keep looking at her. hahahah cos everytime when she see me or what she'll give the vibe of 'oh this are the group of ppl who keep staring at me everytime'

wed- we slack at fc5 with yaorui and junjie- for like 3 hours with her sitting in the same cafeteria, enjia dont dare go ask for her number. 
thurs- he kept saying so i was being mischiefvious so i just stomped off cos apparently he and zavier keep disturbing me so i was like 'IMMA GO ASK FOR HER NUMBER FOR U' to make them scared. 
But then i reached the foodcourt then she was with her group of friends, three guys three girls. then i didnt have the balls to ask alr. So i left HAHAHA. (ok i sound so lesbian IM NOT) then later i met up with tessa and weishan. Then we all like sat near the 'watermelon girl' who was 'lime girl' that day. for 2 hours?

 then when we were leaving...
zavier: Enjia, if u go ask for her number i give you 30 dollars. 
enjia: NOO
zavier: AIYA I HELP U ASK ALR LA (annoyed)
Me: STEADY u go i go.
zavier: Okay we go, you ask her.
me: OK 
*sudden burst of courage*both stomped off in her direction*
zavier stopped. I continued walking HAHAHAHA

me: *taps her shoulder* errrr hello! my friend think you quite pretty, interested in you, can you give me your name? ~^^~
girl : giggles* erm H____
Me: Huh? ^^ heehe how to spell it ah? hehehe
girl: _ _ _ _ _
Me: OOhh thanks ^^ hehehaha can you give me your surname also, so easier add/find on facebook
her friend: -.- even if your friend add her she also wont add 
me: *ignores her friend and continue looking at her*
girl: hahha, o__
me: Omg thank you so much!! hehehahh (sorry for so much hehehaha cos i was quite nervous so i keep laughing LOL)
girl: thanks ^^ hehehaha(i think she also nervous, i so cool HAHAHAHAHA)

BUT I THINK I LOVE HER LA HAHAH i repeat im not lesbian but I FIND THE GIRL SO NICE GIVE ME FACE. this is the first time i ask for someone's like name/ wdv in my life and even though its the first time doing something so stupid, i dint get rejected omg you guys wont understand how grateful i felt to her HAHAHA eh seriously im not lesbian ok. But damn thrilling the feeling HAHA 

but you know i almost wanted to ask her friend cos before this scenario i happened to bump into her friend in the toilet, then she still asked me if im queuing up for the toilet. Then i was like "should i ask her for the girl's name for ej?"in my head.

 then i decided not to cos thinking in a girl's point of view, if someone asked me for my friends name/ number instead of mine i'll be jealous and think like KNNBBCCB why never ask for mine... HAHAHA so luckily i dint or i comfirm get scolded one since you guys can see in the convo earlier the friend was like damn -.- LOL

hi zavier hahahaha

hahahahahah super funny 

PROJECTS WE HATE YOU HAHAHA imma get slaugtered

third day of running just now!

the sweat was burning my eyes :p NO MAKEUP NO CONTAACTS

some day this week, actually, alot of ppl always think i put alot of makeup because i put VERY RED LIPSTICKS. but actually i dont even put foundation or what. only eyeliner and mascara. So maybe i should try the nude lipstick mode soon yea? :)

today ^^

Presentation wear on monday earlier this week. Woke up late and cabbed to school. 25 bucks gone :( 
And somehow i always screw up my presentations.

Continuing my resolutions, i hope i can be less crude with my language and be a more feminine girl! hahah trying to remind myself these few days but hard since i hang out around with ppl who always bullies me! haha!

xoxo eugeniania, hoped you guys enjoyed the slightly wordy post which i sort of wrote a 'story? 
A more entertaining post up soon cos i think i'll be meeting up with all my clique and tmr is jeremy's birthday celebration. so photos and more stuff~

 I HOPE MY FLU AND COUGH RECOVERS SOON SO I CAN do covers of songs like 
this! damn nice. Can someone teach me guitar pretty please ^^ :> haha.

who want be my valentineeeeeee

Love, it's a special day
We should celebrate and appreciate
That you and me found something pretty neat
And I know some say this day is arbitrary 

But it's a good excuse, put our love to use
Baby, I know what to do
Baby, I will love you
I'll love you, I'll love you

Love, I don't need those things
I don't need no ring
I don't need anything
But you with me
'Cause in your company
I feel happy, oh so happy and complete

And it's a good excuse, put our love to use
Baby, I know what to do
Baby, I will love you
I'll love you, I'll love you

Yeah, it's a good excuse, put our love to use
Baby, I know what to do
Baby, I will love you
I'll love you, I'll love you

So won't you be my honey bee
Giving me sweet kisses all the time
Be mine, be my Valentine

So won't you be my honey bee?
Giving me sweet kisses all the time
Be mine, be my Valentine

Ohhh, Oh woah, Be my Valentine

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