Thursday, August 30, 2012

Acer @ IT Fair

Short update through my phone. Freaking hell ass tired, legs breaking. Hope these four days of it fair quickly pass. Working under courts, ACER! Level 4 :) come visit me ;) They seperate me and my friends at different booths though. So I needa go buy sweets to keep me awake during sales tmrw morning.

Good thing about courts is The food they provide is the nicest though. Saw a lot of familiar face during it fair today as usual. My kuanbing n jikun say I become prettier so I'm happy!:) hahah! But my eye like panda I swear. And I gaining back the weight i lost this few days, depressed :(

Can't wait for it fair to offically end before I start doing my to do list for the holidays!;)
1) go bugis SHOP
2) go town SHOP editors market f21 top shop this kind.
3) go eat at hatched with TLTBZKSXCBC peeps
4) go eat Genki sushi with Shan Yvonne and vionna
5) lose weight and continue my exercise.. Argh don't seem to have time.
6) make covers with friends and make sure my sore throat recovers argh
7) try everything with fries
8) try flam pizza (forget the pizza shop name a lot ppl say nice omg)
9) go Malaysia eat curry fish head.
10) go out with my Eunice chozx
11) ice cream buffeh leh
12) genting with friends?
13) Thailand!
14) go out with Regina and renee
15) go phuture zouk one time at least!
Not in order*

HAHAHA so many food related things man the hellllll so many food I wanna buy and eat HAHAHA

My Acer shirt damn oversized :(

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