Thursday, August 9, 2012

Happy National day!

HELLO people! 
As a patriotic singaporean citizen, i shall blog this post in red! before this, do watch a vlog i did on the national day above? actually i think i really SOUND VERY BAD singing national day songs cause those songs are not really in my range or -my type of songs- that i'll sing, but yeah its an effort by me! ;)
dint use my camera cause it ran out of battery :( and im still having sorethroat! #justsaying


Remember that song?  :D one of the nicest national day themed song I can remember.
I used to love national day, especially in secondary school, no school, no lessons, can sing all these songs and the mood is just there, painting and pasting national day flags on my face

recalling sec 4?
omg too damn ugly im gonna thumbnail it HAHAHA
okay really horrible shall stop posting alr but yeah FELT THE MOOD?
hahaha boy i was i damn tan also HAHAHAHA
i should go back to anglican high soon :( havent been going back and visiting my teachers and juniors during celebrations! :/ and i miss the cheap but tasty school FOOD!!

yeah was damn bored ytd, school ended early then everyone that i usually hang out with like wenmin-working, at frolick now, im tryna apply for it also! my clique some go dye/cut their hair, weishan dyed her hair red! boy do i miss my red hair always :(
with wenmin last time (both redheads) 
 my black hair now also not black already. faded its like brown :(
BORED its like damn ironic, you WANT your hair to be nicely colored, but it would spoil your hair like how it did to mine. 

then tricia and others all studying. so im like damn extremely bored ytd
oh well, as i was saying, COME ON ITS NATIONAL DAY, used to go out on these days and see the fireworks or smth, but poly exams are around the corner. i should really start studying soon. :( I think later aft blogging this i shall head to ikea to eat and then go study, on national day........ depressed*

have been eating like two tub of these icecream since monday. One day two tub LOL

ytd damn bored. COOKIE AND CREAM ~ hahaha 

and i think mango cream. all in my tummy fat.....

whats more ytd i think my makeup was ok and my earrings and the dress i was wearing was quite nice..

dont dare to tie my hair like this and go out.

bored face LOL

was guilty so went for a run at night

here are some pictures with makeup but without my contacts! haha does this look look better?
I always think girls who can still look pretty without contact lenses are REALLY PRETTY

frizzy hair




Okay shall end off with MY ANNOYING GIFBOOMZ ^^ 

HAHAH wearing red, typing in red!!! HAPPY NATIONAL DAY AGAIN PEEPS!! 

Annoying expressions ahahaha

trying to make a gif saying -haaaappppyyy-nationall-dayy

xoxo eugeniania, hoped u guys enjoyed my vlog LOL shall go prepare for ikea now!

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