Friday, August 17, 2012

QQmian, beef noodles + Starbucks

short update!
today's gervina's birthday. Should be heading down to helipad tmr (sat) for a belated celebration for her ^^
later should be going down to jinda's birthday chalet at changi there O.O
this stupid tessa keep scaring us with ghost stories. COS YEAH, 7TH MONTH IS OFFICALLY HERE..

ytd's pictures
morning go and take these biscuits eat, cos i think 7th month some ppl use this as one of the offerrings to pray haha!! then my house got alot. so i eat LOL.

ytd's look~

lunch with wenmin hehe tampines foodcourt QQmian and beefnoodles are the best, cheap and nice and FILLING!!

studied at tamp's starbucks. Was promising myself that i shall FINISH THE LAST ASSIGNMENT OF THE SEMSTER IF NOT WEEKENDS CANT PARTY. spent like 5 hours but didnt manage to finish since my workpace is like a snail :P

fav flavor DUH white mocha frappe

tried very berry refresher~ i didnt like it, wenmin like. I like those creamy kind, i think more worth it also. since the price difference is like 20 cents or 40 cents only. The berry very like taste like tap 
water blended with a few berries ._.
but the glazed donut NICE very sweet HAHA. i thought the ugly curry chicken puff was ok only. prefer starbuck's beefpie.

wanted to charge my laptop and saw this behind my sofa almost fainted LOL VERY BIG IN REAL OK

louis came to find us after that and we watched GREEDY GHOST. not bad very funny. Movie ended at around 11 40. I had 20 mins to rush home before the gates of hell open. HAHAH i was like running home practically.

and i completed my proj before dawn! sneak peak :D I think i spend alot of effort in doing this la, one of my best slides ever!!! 

i like this ^^

earlier this week, Eugenia was a zombieeeeeee had two papers one aft another, and i damn good friend still went to the airport to send enjia and junjie off for their fiba asia competition held at Mongolia for 13days!
then obviously i screwed up my paper the next day and slept for like 2 hours only. OH WELL~
bought donuts for them ok cos i think looks very pretty LOL

with enjiaa!

with jj!

one of the days in school, kofu's dry banmian is real niceee

and today i smashed oreo in my icecream

hahaha sorry for the boring post.

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