Monday, August 13, 2012

Ikea + Ah Loy Thai

Hi i just offed my phone going to do a short post before i attempt to study again. everything is distracting me real easily i swear. Im doomed. i think im the only one who have not really started on my exam tmr -.- and theres another paper followed by on wed. 

I really cant study with anyone. Attempted to head out to study ytd but failed miserably, ended up eating ALOT of things like oh god why i eat so much for a girl, and talking to all my friends..

i swear this exam period my skin complexion has been super terrible lately. LIKE SUPER. And the weather has been extremely hot, which aint really helping. my eyebags real bad. 

i kinda like this auntie hairstyle ._.

Since i havent exactly been updating my blog, photos from instagram
sinful ikea lunch -i love the meatballs!- with weishann on national day. haha got this kind uncle told me immediately people whom wore red and white could get free icecream. YAY!!! after hearing from the loudspeakers la. but the queue was too long so in the end i dint bother getting. LOL YAY for nothing HAHA

recently tampines one opened loads of new shops like daiso, muji etc. their snacks damn nice hahah!
bought muji marshmellows, cream and cheese muffins, and this limited edition vanilla caramel corn flavor from daiso. My fav.

met tricia aft and headed to weishan's house.

i wanna learn oppa gangnam style HAHA i forced tricia to do this with me. she was super reluctant LOL

last freaking project due date day FYEAH 

very nice area to takepics hahaha

regina tricia me

my shoe spoilt again. second time in two weeks LOL hahahahah damn embarrsing i put rubber bands on my shoe to last home SUPER FUNNY the way i walked damn retarded i think ppl must think im crazy LOL


helipad at night, impromtu decision, first time no pics at all. EVERYONE WAS DAMN HIGH THAT NIGHT, like more high than usual hahahahaha
aft that night i keep coughing non stop :((((((((((

look at my drunk texts hahahah always damn hilarious

more food

no makeupppppp aft running, haha think im going to stop my running resume for awhile. :( Cos of exams, i seriously havent started a shit man. IDK what i have been doing with my time, i need to lock myself in a box kind. im like a electron la damn active.

ytd outfit

louis wenmin me!

ate at this thai restaurant at tampines mall basement 
AH LOY THAI i think the name of the restaurant. the queue quite long eh. NOT BAD THE FOOD.
butter calamari, tomyam, mango fried chicken

hardworking but i am bored bored bored LOL

ate ate ate i also ate

awesome cherries 

ikea day outfit! sorry my photos are all not really in order..

and the day i went back school i wore red again! hahaha!


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or twitter also @pinkyniakoh, since i think im going to update this space less until my exams are over. but this saturday i have two birthday parties to attend. LOL HAIS.

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