Monday, August 20, 2012


Hi guys, feel so bored, shall do a short blog post before i head to bed. 
Slightly afraid to sleep, because of the dream i had ytd :/ super scary, since the scenario of the places is so familiar and all, my house.

I was shopping with regina, then i was bitching about how fat the girl in front of us her butt was then still wear so short shorts. eugenia is bitchy. then regina suddenly went like u should look at who is stalking us. then she turned my head. this guy yikes* shouldnt be typing this out LATE at night alone in my room :/*
as i was saying, this guy, obviously not a guy la :/ like ghost... dressed in like those China dynasty dressing (black) was following us. he had no face, or i cant see it. and he was carrying a baby. 
Damn scary, then i faster went home. everywhere around the neighbourhood and under my block was like ppl chanting and all the insence paper. I took the lift, in my lift 8 neighbours surrounding me, then the lights started flickering and i thought i would never reach my house floor, then i started chanting and singing the chant. and i cried.

 Went helipad as usual ytd with the usuals. And this is my makeup of the night, i really love my clubbing makeup haah ^^ makes me look better. even if some ppl dont agree. but i think guys dont like my super red lipstick also, no?

i like to do this expression hahaha

or smile with teeeeeeeeth better hehe (a pic of myself on fri night haha)

didnt take much pictures except for a massive spam of pictures by me weishan and regina on the way to helipad.
waiting for weishan at platform. Haha i really hate my fringe and how short and stumpy it is.

ROFL dont look at the wrong place peeps. Finally some pics of weishan, havent been taking photos with her. and her new red hair is niceeee


eugenia is A lucky girl

and i look so horrible here

weishan's ootd

and mine LOL wasnt prepared in this pic :(

hehe better? but idk how to post la.

toilet pictures with liwen hehe zavier's girlfriend.

i think i prefer heli's friday crowd. saturday's crowd seem more mature and so much more guys..

and have been trying out a new diet of 5 days, feel so damn hungry all the time. 
thats why i had a bad gastricky pain today morning since i drank ytd :( and super bad headache and hangover.
wanted to watch expandables today because i heard from many ppl that its damn nice but all the cinemas were full ......

shall blog about my diet IF ITS A SUCCESS. wish me luck aye.. 
I am really one of the world's most FOODIE- means like food alotttttttttttttt, if u are my friend, you would know. which is bad.
wanna be skinnier so bad. it would help with my self confidence by alot.
tweet of the day 
@pinkyniakoh "I want to slim down because when u quarrel with ppl, they only can scold u bitch better than fat bitch with thunderous thighs LOL"
a short but sweet text from wenmin. 
Me as a friend. Late queen, make my friends fat as they accompany me to eat alot, make them do stupid things with me, but most importantly, make them happy too.
i love my friends ^^ im really lucky to have them in my life. 
esp these five girls. and some other great ppl i have just met. but sometimes i'll still have my doubts hahaha i dont wanna let people in so easily then end up getting hurt all the time..

confusinggggggg :(

was stalking this couple's instagram photos today, the guy damn handsome, girl damn pretty and hot. see her instagram eat so man good food still so skinny T.T and shes damn sweet, cook like SUPER delicious food for her boyfriend all the time. HAHA inspires me i wanna learn how to cook too! or my market value really would be too low haha


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