Saturday, August 25, 2012

Liese bubble hair color!

hi guys, this shall be a short weekly update. Imma going to head to bed in awhile's time. Gonna try study tmr at hougang mall's frolick. since wenmin would be taking the whole day shift there 
 >.<  FINALLY IM DOWN TO MY LAST PAPER NEXT TUESDAY!! didnt think i did very well for the other three but ohwells, cant wait for the holidays. I will be going thailand. YES that definately means an interesting blogpost, and cheap and nice clothes, shoes spree for me :)

some day at the airport. Recalling the times that me and clique camped at the airport to study since our secondary school was at tenah merah, transit for the mrt to expo and airport. so the airport was only a train ride away, two stops, and i have direct bus to the airport from my house as well.

the airport really have many condusive places to study and eat. I like T3 hehe their kopitiam's food also nice!

wenmin is hardworking, and you can see from this pic that im not really that of a good study partner.

very nice cadbury dairy milk chocolates with wacky flavors like jelly beans and popping candies. I LIKE.

aft that headed down to city hall to meet louis, weishan, regina, gary, chingyuan.
COS WE GO FILL IN OUR PARTICULARS FOR IT FAIR. would be working for courts
see ya there.
Comex fair- 30 august-2 September.

totally lethargic about studying my stats T.T the paper was damn hard so luckily i didnt study that hard for it. LOL because i think i studied harder i also wont know how to do.

went for the natural look. and the contacts i was wearing is very small in mm if you havent realised. almost like my iris size. Not big eye lenses.

"I have died everyday waiting for you"
Lonnnnnnnnnnnnngeestttttttt sorethroat cum cough ever. i should seriously start watching what i eat especially if i still wanna improve on my singing. Too much heaty stuff, drinking, late night activities etc :( 
still cant help but to always get envious of those people who are more talented than me, they put in so much hardwork. Im like nothing compared to them. So what if i have a dream. In singapore. Its almost nothing.
im sad :( I havent ran for 1 week plus alr also due to exams..
cant help but feel very not secured about myself

new twitter dp follow me on instagram, gifboom and twitter :D

got distracted by this too LOL. lotsa distracting while studing. hahaha im a pokemon pro. i didnt play with barbie as a little kid. i was a pokemon master trainer. HAHA. i transfered all my advance ds cartrage pokemon to one of my DS cartradge. see the starter pokemons is the number of time i restarted each game to get. no hacking at all ^^

satisfying big mac breakfast.

swensens chocolate fondue with regina. i thought the ice cream was too little.

mom bought me laoban today ^^ nice. i prefer laoban over 51 taohuay.

fat me bakwa

ootd eiffel tower. i want to go paris someday!

watched brave with wenmin at nex. i really love disney shows and the touching love morals in each story. But brave is more of about mother and daughter kinship. I prefer those guy girl love story heh

BASKIN ROBBINS. favfav they really have an interesting mix of flvors and menu. cotton candy- more creamy taste. and my rainbow sherbet ^^

finally had long john silver. craved it for very long alr.

hahahaha eugenia should really do commercials for food brandings.

so okay. one of the main point of this post. Lets review on the history of my hair colors. Miss my red, duh. but after dying my hair for more than10 times. I decided not to dye anymore. super frizzy and annoying.
so i dyed it black a few months back, im pure asian plus my natural hair is reallyyyyyyyy jetblack kind.

after the few months, my black kinda faded since my hair was already quite damaged. and the base color was already too light, so even the black faded. and my roots (BLACK) can be seen. :( so i randomly decided to try the Liese bubble hair color. Wide variety of colors to choose from.

roots:( and my hair brown. and ok can see my bad eyebags and pimple forehead. LOL exam stress. the pimples are gone alr ok!

i chose this HAHAH i damn steady. black means black. i dont want look ahlian or get stereotyped.

new series of color they added the honey substance should have more benefits for hair.

simple to do. amongst the ten plus times i dyed my hair. all is in salon. only one i bought diy dye and the results were horrid. uneven color everywhere thanks to regina the dyer. LOL i heard liese bubble hair color is the most simple. like since you bubble up ur hair. NO NEED TO BE AFRAID OF UNEVEN HAIR COLOR ANYMORE.

wearing gloves

fuck you. hehe joking

pour 1 into 2

gently mix dont shake too hard.

change the cap

squeeze and foammmmmm

personally i have EXTREMELY thick hair. and even my friends know. 
wanted to get two bottles but didnt in the end cos i thought that i werent even gonna dye my roots since my roots are black. just the ends so i thought one would be enough. 
and surprisingly. IT WAS. or... a little more than enough?

supposed put 20/30 min see how dark u want. but i got distracted  by an tv show so i think i placed for 50 mins omg damaging..

go rinse and shampoo it off and the dying package provides this after rinse off treatment. leave it on for awhile like a conditioner during bath. 

i think liese bubble hair color really is not bad. my hair turned out very even. (their selling poing)
and my hair feels very smooth now. like not that damaging maybe?

hehe now i have root free black hair. i dint blow dry my hair so its not shaped.


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