Monday, June 3, 2013

Bespoke Japanese Vegetarian Dining + Wild Honey II (Love for tomatoes!) + Planet Paradise

HI GUYS~~ i probably sound a little more enthu cause.. GUEZZ WHAT! ITS DA HOLIDAYS!!! okay it has been the holidays for me since last wednesday, after my only paper, which last min revision still helped. Yea and did I mention that im bored?! hehe I mean I am having way too many free time and I can only blame myself for not planning things earlier thus even if I want to go abroad now its kind of last min SOBS I WILL DEFINITELY GO OVERSEAS THE NEXT HOLIDAYS or I am going to rot :( so you guys can date me out or anything! Feel free to do so since im so freeeeeee i swear, and some of my friends are still having their interns, exams and shit. And those people who exams have ended, well, fortunately, they are not like me, they are happily attached spending time with their partners all day making me feel so neglected. hahaha whatever, its not like I cant entertain myself. LOL.

So i have been feeling rather down and shitty lately if you followed me on twitter. I swear I dont mean to rage and all, I only tweet ridiculous things when I cant control my temper :( Hais fml I hope things will get better soon or something lollllllllllll mehhhhhh whatever..

Luckily for me, this season have loads of nice movies! So yup, caught
Fast and Furious 6

and as mentioned from the post before this, I wanted to go back and try spageddies at orchard central again. Yup and i dragged james along with me, and even introed the place to twin which she later blames me for. hahaha okay trying it the second time, I doubt ill be going back, a wrong recommendation from me. LOL the pastas at Pepperoni Pizzeria is so much better i swear.

ordered their best mamas specialty, the chicken was damn hard and they said "Kfc chicken also nicer" so yup, it doesnt taste as good as it looks which the phrase "never judge the book by its cover" can be inserted here & the seafood platter that consists of cheese sticks and stuff. but i think only the soft shell crab is good. So perhaps next time if you go there, just order their soft shell crab pasta.

slacked awhile and bought a whole load of desserts from awfully chocolate, and the stupid me ordered wrongly or the person heard wrongly, I wanted one scoop of their hei chocolate ice cream but somehow it became a tub. No wonder the person asked if we wanted the takeaway home version & the price was around 4 times more pricier. had a hard time finishing it hahaha. 

ordered their super sweet creme brulee and their super stacked chocolate cake as well. no more chocolates for me for awhile man..

met up with twin since she was at town and it was my first time meeting shijia in real, twin's good sec school friend. Apparently I guess we are one of the two most important friends in her life so had to take picture, but in the end she said it was ugly and unpostable so I just blocked her face. Don't jelly guys!


zouk ladies night with some of my ex clubbing clique hahaha didn't take much pictures

with eunice~ doubt she will be clubbing for awhile now after experiencing the attached self discipline at the club hahaha

not forgetting qimei hehe 

before zouk at dream w nat and the guys, one pic with andre!


Yup, my weekly dosage of japanese food at a vegetarian restaurant!
(something I did not miss for the past few weeks but jap isnt one of my fav cuisines, to be honest heh)
Bespoke Japanese Vegetarian Dining

91 Bencoolen Street
 #01-50 Sunshine Plaza 


Opening Hours: 
Daily 11.30am-3.00pm 

I am not a vegetarian but I guess this restaurant is a good place to go if you are eating vegetarian for the day or feeling healthy, cause isn't eating loads of vegetables supposedly to be good for you?

their recommended seaweed salad, hahaha i guess my friends who does not appreciate raw salmon can eat this! because it is not real salmon! but it is still acceptable, forgive me, i love my meats.

japanese yam, wayyy too healthy for my liking

I liked it! some tomato spring roll which is quite huge in size for the portion, but yummy! I love tomatoes.

their inari sushi. I think it was okay but some bits in it tasted like ginger and i, eugenia koh, definitely aint a ginger fan.

buckwheat cold noodles~

check out the ice underneath hehe cool

avocado maki!!!!!! i love avocado as well.
 basically, i cant really tell I was eating vegetarian stuff cause those "crabmeats" in their sushi rolls actually tasted quite legit.

Hangover 3

at town with a few of my favorite people wearing my new cutesy jumper~

it was raining and i thought it was so cute to put my phone in the little front pocket at the front cause i was holding the umbrella hehehe

yup my OOTD

picies with twin

HAHA at junjie, jon, me and twin! best bros ever of ma lifee

before the movie started, we had a hard time locating for places to eat. cause friday night, town was damn crowded and all, queues were too long, even the place I wanted to bring them to try was fully booked and shit. Our movie seating was MEH but oh wells. Movie was funny so I still enjoyed my healthy non-club free night!

guess what we had in the end. Wild honey again! since they all havent tried it before. 3 vs 1. 
SOB, but i didnt regret eating this actually, they have a wide variety of brunch menu, so i could try something new!

Went to the outlet at mandarin gallery, but i preferred the scotts square one (the first outlet I went) much bigger and we could order sitting in, not order by queuing up at the counter hastily having our orders decided. Maybe cause it was more crowded on a friday night. Lucky for them, I could tell them what to order the best. 

spot mini eunice, qimei, vail and karen we coincidentally met in this pic below!

zhiyan and JJ~

me and retarded looking jon~

they all had the english breakfast. yup the biggest and one of the must order portions there. JJ eats ALOT i swear, kind of like a monster hahaha but this was filling enough for him, plus I was so nice so i just gave him one slice of my bread.

so yummy

and I finally got to try my Tunisian meal hehehe one of their chef recommended but Tricia didnt like it and told me not to order it. BUT I REALLY WANTED TO TRY IT so i ordered it since it was a second visit and i dint regret!!! cause I love tomatoes, and this was like a tomato-ish based stew with some pork sliced sausage and eggs

pour the bowl of vegetables provided inside the stew and mix them~
IM SO HUNGRY NOW looking at the photos..
 thats how i ate it. the bread at wild honey seemed nicer though, maybe cause i dipped it in the stew rather than gulping the more filling version of the english where other ingredients would seem more meaningful than the bread.

Totally clean and satisfying for me, hahaha i realized i really love tomatoes in this post LOL

chubby me

but happy hehehe still managed to force down giant bag of popcorn in the cinema afterwards


zouk and it was my sobbing day. kept crying so I look like fuck when i clubbed fml

A short shoutout to twin, most trusted caretaker of me in the club (okay not only club la k), sorry i feel like i always take you for granted thus show you my temper hahaha and even wanted to open the car door while it was on the highway yesterday. so sorry  but i love you okie :* THANKS so much really <3 for everything heh

yup ma act cool face

w twin! :)

dream pic w da girlies jessica and nat ^^~

as we were at clarkequay before zouk and hopped from dream to planet since it was desmond birthday and the guys were there opening bottles. 

So finally the long awaited full quadruplet photos, which is quite unglam actually. 

best bros

and twin again

and attempted to take more quad photos..

we look drunk LOL look at my messy hair..

I guess desmond died.......
then i went zouk LOL

xoxo eugeniania. hoped you enjoyed this post!!!!!!

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