Monday, June 17, 2013

Kilo at Pact (!!) + Chinatown (Mei Heong Yuen Dessert) + Maccha House + Party (Playhouse)

 I have loads of things i have yet to update this space about, since my friends said that this space was getting too boring and I am getting too naggy, so it have been quite long since I updated, gonna do a quick and visual update today with less words, lets go! Got to head out to meet my project mates in awhile.

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Chinatown with my mother

this place serves super good snow ice and those traditional desserts.

my awesome mom :) do we look alike?

chendol flavored snow ice. showered with the sweet syrup!

walked around to buy some traditional snacks like chestnuts and stuff 

this is my favorite stall to get ba kwa from HAHAHA i think i spelled it wrongly. I love the ba bwa this stall sells cause they come in thinner slices compared to the usual ones, which are really easier for the teeth and doesn't taste too empowering.

lame gif

good day spent w my mummy ^^

after a super grocery afternoon, my mom dropped me off at town to meet my bestie wenmin for dinner as she recently came back from hongkong ^^

Highlight of the post. Kilo at Pact!!!

181 Orchard Road
Orchard Central
Singapore 238896

(I think they have another outlet at kallang area)

Its a super awesome hidden find which serves a fusion of Japanese, Vietnamese and Italian for their menu. (additional fact; they have a special weekend brunch menu too!) I wanted to bring wenmin to because she want to 'eat healthy' hahaha and i guess this small restaurant located at Orchard central, which in fact hides quite a variety of acceptable food places, is still rather healthy.

the restaurant is also linked to some fashion K.I.N shop which carries hip men's clothing with vintage styles.

very humorous staff with good service and ambiance

wenmin took a 'behind the scenes' photo for me. yup this is what i do all the time.

what we ordered. 

This Baby Eggplant Doburi, semi fried with tempura flakes and mascarpone cheese. I love eggplants but this was just okay compared to the other two dishes coming up!

The another two dishes we ordered on the other hand, was so good!! One of the top two must orders at kilo. 

Beef Short Ribs Rice Bowl 
served with Japanese rice (I swear i am a noodle lover over rice, but this jap rice was just too good), sweet corn, radishes and wasabi sprouts, and of course the short ribs that were cooked to the right degree of doneness. 

not forgetting the Salmon and avocado Maki Rolls which comes with some crunchy flax seed nachos!!! Super yummy we finished every ounce of it.

super liked the last two dishes compared to the appetizer, and we enjoyed the meal and would be back again to try more things on their menu! I wanna go back now again!

look at how wenmin is so into the food HAHAHA

hehe want some maki rolls?

marc jacobs and DKNY perfume from HK

acqua panna was just plain iced water. hahaha so don't get tricked if you thought their iced water is just like one buck or so. we paid 6 dollars for plain water so I first time drink finish my ice water HAHAHA.

was craving for some desserts (even though kilo had desserts too. We should have just stuck there)
so we went to the newly opened Maccha House at Orchard Central's basement.

181 Orchard Road
Orchard Central
Singapore 238896

i am a happy girl

forget what was this tower looking icecream called but it was just meh, too much cornflakes, but the ice cream and red bean sauce was good. But if i were to come back, I'll just order a normal plain vanilla/green tea ice cream. or try their hot food menu.

pretty wenmin ;)

candids of me, wanted to look cute eating icecream but...

okay finally~

we are gluttons.

hahaha fuck, i damn greedy la i know

So thats how a day of my fattening adventures got spent with my mom in the afternoon and night with my longest bestie, wenmin whom we would forever have no awkwardness and endless topics to talk about especially after meeting after such a long time.

Party photos of the week

Yup and I deproved again, partied three times this week.
TGIW on wedneday, hit three clubs, 
dream > zouk > playhouse until 6am in the morning.

WHO DO WE SEE HERE. wow tricia hahaha 

hehe <3

with vanida and trish :)

at playhouse.

super unglam pics I know.

Best bro jon <3

hahaha I am retarded.

On friday. went zouk! my ootd~ flower dress I got from bershka!

with the twin ;)

& for Saturday, I went dream and ended off the night at subway with the bros

ham ham JJ
hehehe tried and did the same expressions and our faces cannot maintain, keep laughing, looks so distorted.

hahahahahahahahaha unglam and middle finger for u LOL

ending this post uploading this last two pics with jon or else he would say im bias.

I look like crap my hair damn messy. HAHAH love u guys <33

xoxo. Would be back soon for my fathers day post, tim ho wan and omakase burger post!!!!

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