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Coriander + Everything with fries + Honeymoon Dessert + Maison Kayser

Hi guys, im back! hehe, could have updated earlier but I was way too lazy to get this post started.
Starting this post with a GIF picture of me! My more lady-like but look so xmm ootd on Monday's food outing. 

HERE I AM, after uploading all my photos and staring at the screen for the past 2 hours, I am finally going to type some words. LOL sometimes I really feel so lazy to blog, not like damn alot of people is interested in my blog but still.. i would look back at my past blogpost and re-read them relieving the memories and feelings I felt then, or referencing food places and such I wanna revisit or bring my pals there again, then I feel that it is all worth it again. BUT NOW IM JUST SO LAZY SO HOPEFULLY, people who read these will appreciate my effort hahahaha cause other than these pictures I spend more effort in taking on my regular daily average boring life, I am just an ordinary pig girl who loves to eat LOL.

Ohwells, on MONDAY, I was supposed to have a class outing but was cancelled, so I went and join twin, jorgine, zijun and sam on their half-classclique foodporn date (since gervina and sheryl are overseas interning) and not surprising, the venue they wanted to go to that day was apparently closed on mondays (maybe cause of me *insertssadface* cause IM ALWAYS THIS UNLUCKY for matters like this then twin was like saying must be cause of my presence HAHAHA) so i recommended them to go to 


Located at:
220 East Coast Road
6440 5530 (can call to check)
(hard to find so we took a cab from the nearest MRT)

Opens Daily:
11.30 am - 3.00 pm
6.00 pm - 10.00pm

I actually found out about this place throught kaykay's blog and such because apparently its her friend owns it or something haha.

the girls and me arrived first.

they have quite a variety of selection from their menu despite many crab related items and kick-ass appetizers and promotions (which would be written on their huge cutesy chalkboard seen above) Those items with the coriander shaped logo next to them would be their chef recommended ( and if i am not wrong, if the coriander is red means dish is spicy)

me and jorgine :)

zhiyan and zijun :D n spot the v nice and pretty lady which served us, probably she is one of the bosses or the gf of the boss or smth i presume haha

w poodle heheh jk zijun ^^

got their set promo, add 4.90 for a soup of the day and a dessert of the day!
soup of the day was mushroom soup, not bad, but mixing the cream above made it a little too creamy, accompanied by a slice of floating garlic bread hahaha

apparently their MUST TRY raved cheesie escargots. Me, twin and jorgine have never tried escargots before but decided to try it the first time here cause many people claimed that their escargots is good here, but it was my first time trying it, so I cant really give much comments heh


okay hastily shoved it into my mouth

verdict is...... I THINK IM NOT CUT OUT TO EAT ESCARGOTS. i cannot help thinking that it is a snail,  i mean it tastes okay, zijun (whom always eats escargots) and sam thought it was nice! but i guess this would be my first and last time eating escargots LOL i mean i prefer the sauce more than the item itself hahaha

Next appetizer! the soft shell crab, needless to say this was da bomb! must order ;)) the sauce dripped on the crab was just.......... yummm

reccomended red wine beef stew which no one wanted to order at first cause everyone was like 
"I WANNA ORDER PASTA" so i just ordered it because I rather try different things on a menu, but in the end everyone ate it and claimed 
"omg its damn sex" yup! comes with a loaf of bread. its really nice ;)

overall I thought I had a good meal there, just that we should really order more variety next time, cause three pastas for the main is really too much. HAHA but Im going to review on the pastas next!

recommend oh chili crab pasta! This is good. zhiyan and zijun's fav amongst the three. thought it was good too, accompanied by the fried mantous heh

but me and jorgine liked their pink crab meat pasta better (FYI to me i think they taste around the same just that the chili crab is more spicy and usually I prefer spicy food, but i still thought that this was better)
so i rank this the best amongst the three!

i wanted to try their oh butter crab pasta the most!! but it turned out a disappointment, it was too bland and not buttery enough :( maybe its only a slight kitchen malfunction I hope, but i doubt i'll be ordering this again.

one of the chef specialty and the most expensive item we ordered, the coriander barramundi fillet. hmm its slightly spicy but honestly i dont see why would this make it as the chef specialty, i find it too bland, but twin says health conscious foodies would appreciate it i guess. Accompanied with this sauce too, which made the fish taste better, but good tasting food usually do not need any sauces to salvage it! 

the strawberry cheesecake dessert of the day!

we each paid around 24 bucks! quite affordable!

Went to an honeymoon dessert outlet after that, cause me, twin and sam are pigs just that me and twin is fatter LOL

yup and honeymoon dessert was originated from hongkong yada yada yada, just go search google! HAHAHAHA

one of the top few pics that didnt disappoint. mango sago YUMS with beancurd hehehehe 

this was good!!!!!! mango w some black sticky glutinous rice in coconut saucing yumyum da best!

really liked their coconut sauce so refreshing. and ordered this with watermelon balls, durian and matcha icecream ;)

acted like i was in a fishtank -_-

aft that went home and ate one of my fav fruits, papa mangosteeeeeeen
heheheh ^^ okay thats me without makeup and the cutesy mangosteen which i ate muahaha
lovely day!


Woke up early, but still late cause supposed to help out at some event in school, but i couldnt wakeup, so i went school late, then thought that it was damn boring, left at 10 plus am after eating, when the thing supposed to end at 5pm LOL

went to find my mom and we went town I FINALLY SHOPPED after so long, finally bought new clothes instead of spending all my money on cabs. Okay technically my mom bought me new clothes LOL. Orchard, before i accompanied her to collect our car after reservice at eunos, had our afternoon teabreak at

Maison Kayer
Next to Namnam noodle bar at Paragon's Basement.
Its regarded as one of the top bakeries in the world famous for their croissant and pastries and bread, and recently they opened a few outlets in Singapore, one at scotts road (6 Scotts Road #B1-09 Scotts Square) , and the other at newton.

its a good cafe for tea! went for their afternoon tea set

got their Tarte Monge in one set, very yummy especially at the white creme part.

and my mom went for their coffee and I their lavender rose tea(?) I rather drink cold stuffs.....

and the other set, had their pizza-toast, simple choice, but quite filling with a generous amount of ingredients! yum:)

shopped and look at how shabbily I was dressed to town. hahaha with my auntie bun and no makeup. WITH SP teeshirt.


went on another shopping trip with weishan at bugis~ ^^ hehe had our dinner at bugis Everything with fries outlet.

They have four outlets in total, three being restaurant layout (named Everything with fries), and one being more of a fast food outlet layout with sliders (named EwF). the slider i had at EwF that time.

Everything with fries:
Bugis Junction
200 Victoria Street
Singapore 188021

40 Lorong Mambong
Singapore 227695

458 Joo Chiat Road
Singapore 427671

Orchard Central
181 Orchard Road
Singapore 623889

the girl who served us was really pretty LOL

hi weishan!

and me! hahaha bugis sloppy tank top attires.

added their value meal with their house special the one egg soup, quite unique!

shan had their tandoori chicken sandwich with straightcut fries $11.90 (they have two choices of different shaped fries at the restaurant layout) sour cream and onion! I think the straightcut fries were larger and tastier. Or maybe is cause I thought that their sour cream and onion is the better toppings for their fries.

I had their wild NZ King salmon with shoestring fries $18.90 (curry) Actually the shoestring aint that bad as well, since the sliders at orchard central are all probably shoestring fries too! I think salmon lovers would love this dish! It melts in the mouth. I think people whom doesnt like raw salmon wouldnt like this though, cause it is like medium rare but in a fish. 

Anyways, ewf uses premium king salmon for this and the skin at the top part is fried and it didnt taste too bland either! But personal preference, i would rather order the tandoori chicken the next time I am there cause the taste is heavier, hahaha.

and finally tried the very much raved EWF nutella tart $6.90 It is so good, despite being so bloated with our mains and sides, we still managed to make space for this. 
weishan claims she would totally go back for dessert just for this tart!

super satisfied with the meal and our loots and we both got couple heels hehehe wanted to get a black and white stripped outfit but bought shoes instead~


and shiyun is back from BKK with gifts for us!
hehe :D thanks babe

Love my dress from wardrobemess. 

and some shots with jessica HAHAHA i fail as an model

what is this? cannot even see my face HAHAHA


ended our night with these picturesss

are we cool hehehe

with natnat! :)

xoxo eugenianiaaaaaaa


Any quires, ask me on!

i try my best to answer all the questions but some really SERIOUSLY last warning you mother fuckers. LOL

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