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Kiseki Japanese Buffet (Wenmin's 19th) + Guide to a perfect housewarming dinner + New Cover (Ju Hua Tai) 菊花台 - Jay Chou

Hi guys, it has been long since I did a cover, so this time round I have decided to post a cover of
(Ju Hua Tai) 菊花台 by  Jay Chou aka 周杰倫
the rather popular and old school jay chou soundtrack, for the movie - The curse of the Golden Flower.
If you haven't heard this song before, maybe you are of another race, not chinese.
Basically the movie has a tragic ending thus this song just seeps on despair.

Rather not in my top form these days, so yup, its a pretty good time to listen to sad music. It is good to like listen to music and think about stuffs and then cry it all out. Alone, in my bed, under my blankets. hahaha okay i sound so suicidal so I rather not talk about this topic >: Enjoy the humble cover anw!

Not putting any makeup to school for the past few days, cause my nose is reallyyyy runny now, plus I have really swollen eyes :( I wonder if I even can TGIF later T.T I think i'll just die. Look so shag.
Anyways, main point of the post!

MONDAY - Wenmin's 19th birthday dinner!

Settled our Dinner at Kiseki Japanese Buffet Restaurant cause usually, the birthday girl gets to choose. And wenmin has been harping on coming here for months! 

Orchard Central
181 Orchard Road 
 Singapore 238896 

Operating Hour: 11.30am to 3pm daily 
(Last order at 2.30pm) 
 6pm to 10.30pm daily 
(Last order at 9.30pm) 

The queues for kiseki are rather long even with a seating capacity of 280, especially on weekends, so I recommend you guys to book.
Hotline: (which is quite hard to get through -_-)
Three days before via internet booking

The rates are as such for lunch and Dinner. 

I always eat like a sumo, but I haven't had a buffet in a very long time, so its like testing my limits HAHAHA.

you pay for ur meal first, paid approximately 38 SDG per person, and you get like a chop, like going club liddat.

Kiseki brings more than 200 buffet items over 29 item categories (the items are on a rotation basis, aww.. and not all will be available for any one session). Some only available during dinner. 

Some of the items I had!
The Tempuras (had around 3 different kinds that night) comes with the sauces, my usual kind of food.
The Yakitoris on sticks, I was so hungry I gobbled down my sticks and the wooden splints seems to come out as i tugged the food off the stick :( so do be careful! #pig #pain
All the yakitoris goes well with the goma sesame sauce found at the sides. Do remember to take that sauce!

tako yaki station! Self-service fish flakes and mayo and teriyaki sauce! yum!

They have live cooking teppanyaki stations, which would ensure the food received to be hot and delicious!

See those laminated signs on top of the dishes? take these clips found on ur table (which labels the table number) and clip them on the signs! The food would be served to ur table shortly!

teppanyaki chicken, grilled prawns
assorted vegetables, and the best - teppanyaki beef cubes w garlic!

Cold food section!

succulent fresh chilled prawns and crayfish! I thought that the chilled prawns were better than the grilled ones, seems more fresh and tasty! I became a pro crayfish slayer of the night though. Cracked and peeled like 3 crayfishes. And for some of my princess friends.

seafood hot pot station!

the nabemono, (issit?) one of tessa's favorite! The soup is good. Served boiling to the table.

Kiseki also serves Italian Pastas and Pizzas!
There are wafu, carbonara or konkase. The best and most popular flavor is the wafu! It was good, accompanied by smoked duck slices that night, rather spicy and caters to my tastebuds!

pizzas were mehh

chanwanmushi, quite blend that night

and sushis!

fried food stations

western grills only available for dinner!


more cold raw food like sashimis

Last but not least, the dessert station! With freshly made waffles,

puddings, mochis and moose 

looks kinda gross but you can dipp fruits and marshmellow in the hot chocolate, then into the iced water to freeze the chocolate!

the cakes were not that great. If I had to choose a best flavor, I recommend you guys to go for the azuki maccha cake. After all its a Japanese themed restaurant. Some of the mochis were acceptable.

diff moose and puddings.

What is the phrase. Save the best for the last - Kiseki's waffles with japanese gelatos was the best combination that night! Finally had my sesame flavored ice cream after so long!! They had maccha, sesame, cookies and cream, sesame, chocolate flavor. Totally unlike the other cheap icy tasting ice creams at other buffet restaurants.

so yum with chocolate sauce and syrup!

Overall, food was average but I doubt I'll be heading back to Kiseki. It wasn't as nice as I imagined it to be, I have no idea how they get their queues and crowds. I rather spend my money on other normal restaurant meals. Not worth the calories!

v messy table.. & the birthday couple, wenmin & louis!

Me and shan got wenmin her long awaited Haters cap :) super nice! I feel like getting one for myself now too, as usual, HAHA

birthday kissed for the birthday girl! I was attempting to kiss her boobs so her face was like AWKWARD SMILEY hahahahhaa

my floral ootd and wenmin! My longest pretty bestie ever :) Anw, who the fuck wears crop top when you are going to have a buffet? LOL ur stomach is gonna expand for pete's sake.

me, wenmin and shan! w her cap hehe

tessa, wenmin, tricia, and regina!

More kisses. I always have this tikopek face when I take kissing shots like these..

from the boyfriend!

I look damn fat next to tessa and our matching floral ootd!

couple polka dots of the night!

Black and white ootd!

had a great time w them as usual when they are all not so occupied w their love life :/ and nico sent all of us back w his car! Broke the record!!! 9 peoples in Nico's car hahaha.


The cheat guide on how to prepare a hearty and deli house party dinner ;)

First dish would be the salad! Very simple, just cut and slice up fruits of your preferred, hard boiled eggs & vegetables. Add a little sauce at the side and cranberries, and WALA you are done ^^
I loveeeee jackfruits!

Home made seafood aglio oilo! :) Super yummy!
Soak the shells in water, peel the prawns and cook the pasta. (Choose a thinner pasta size if possible)
Fry the chilli padi slices in cooking oil, then followed by the seafood. Cover the seafood and let it cook awhile. Then add in some seasoning, garlic, and lastly fry it with the pasta! and you are done :)

cheat code - buy black pepper and chilli crabs (remember the white bread to dip in the yummy sauce) from famous tze-char stalls outside! HAHA

and desserts and kuehs from bengawan solo. Lay them all out on a presentable big plate!

My favorite is the colorful 9 layered cake. hehehe love to peel it slice by slice and eat them~

fruits platter~

got carrot cake from CEDELE and heated it up, then added an additional vanilla ice cream on top! :)

wonderful "homemade" dinner HAHAHAHA I cant really cook for nuts.


fav takeaway from Swa Garden
they serve the best cold crabs dipped in honey sauce, yam paste and Chye Poh Kuay Teow!!

540 MacPherson Rd 
 Singapore 368223 

Call for reservation as their cold crabs are quite famous and quickly sold-out daily

shall end off w a few overdued photos w nat n some of the guys at dream~

xoxo eugeniania! will be back soon :)

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