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Hai Di Lao Hot Pot (Best steamboat in SG?!) + Pizza Hut Cheesy Bites Trio

I just want to be happy. Is that just so hard........ 
Just deleted a chunk full of emotional paragraph i typed. I guess i feel slightly better now, thanks to those people who talked to me. I wanna get better soon. I dont want to keep harping and thinking about those matters that hurts. I dont want to be vulnerable, I dont want people to know. I want to be myself again.//

Gonna update now again, looking at this post, I feel SUPER hungry because of all the food. And yup here are two pics of me without contacts n makeup at all, past few days, not exactly in the mood to dress up. I look so horrid, looking like i have single eyelids, and with a unsurprising puffer fish face. haha im so silly sometimes grrr. I swear. I feel like a little crybaby but still get fucking pissed off when people treat me like a kid. LOL fml really what am i thinking really :( I SUCK.


went out for what I thought was a 'light' brunch for my aunt's birthday meal, so I tagged along. Didn't turn out to be that 'light' after all, since the food was too excellent to go light, or perhaps im exaggerating. But I swear, usually, I go like "Nooooo" when my friends wanna go down to bugis or someplace to eat steamboats cause I find them nothing but a waste of calories. But i'll totally make an exception for this steamboat restaurant anytime.

 Hmm alright, I still wouldn't mind trying some other venues for mookata though, (more special kind of thai steamboat) since the only one I have been is Tomyum Kungfu which claims to serve one of the best mookatas in Singapore due to the ratings it gets, but I think there might be some other places which serves better.

Back to present topic, my slack jersey looking OOTD w my Geox sandals. And yes, I'm wearing PANTS.

TA-DA im real excited to comment about this Hai Di Lao HotPot place because its located near an area night lifers love. hehe just kidding ;) The reviews about this place was just awesome.
Do you know that this outlet here in Singapore is also their first overseas branch. They have up to 60 such outlets over there in China. Hopefully they are really going to open a second outlet here in Singapore by this year as this is the only outlet here currently. I would totally revisit this place again!!! If you don't already know, I don't like to revisit food places I visited before but this is really good.

3D River Valley Road
#02-04 Clarke Quay
Singapore 179023

Tel: 6337 8626
      8263 6674
(strongly recommended to make reservations before going, sometimes I heard they might not even accept bookings at peak periods. And the queuing time can be tedious.)
Daily: 10.00 am up to 3.00 am

take the lift to the second floor! This machine over here to aid in obtaining the queue numbers for onsite diners.

One of the reasons why this Hai Di Lao HotPot is so raved. They offer the best customer services! Their quality food is great but the services they provide are even better! I am not kidding.

In the picture below:
Top left; At their huge waiting area, there are tables and chairs and even offers free flow refreshments like popcorn fruits drinks etc! (lol better not get full on these while waiting though) And if you read the chinese words on the table, if your group folds a total of 30 cranes, a dish of veg/mushrooms worth $6 will be complementary.
Top right; Just tell me which steamboat restaurant does FREE express manicure for the ladies. (just saying, but i didnt paint my nails there hahaha AWKWARD!)
Bottom left; Leisure room for kids.
Bottom right; Aprons provided to not let your clothes get soiled, 
If you are wearing glasses, eyeglass cleaning cloth would be provided,
Ziplock bags provided as well to keep your mobile and devices free from spills,
last but not least (are you kidding me, why so much services?!)
Cloths to cover your branded bags! 
yea and i think rubber bands for ladies too with long hair SMLJZ

opps, uncle why u stare at me. Anyways up to 200++ seating capacity!

comfy red cushion-ish chairs

make your orders through an ipad, can change to preferred language.

Pay a small fee of $3 per person to enjoy free flow drink, choice of herbal tea, soya bean milk, orange juice and sprite. Yea i ordered the black soya bean milk in this pic, didnt taste as good as it sounded! cause it is homemade and has an minimum amount of sugar, UNFORTUNATELY.

another $4 per person to enjoy free access to this sauce counter. (alright i guess it might get a little more costly but its worth it for the bespoked service) Wide range of sauces for customers to play with. Ranging from oyster sauce, soy sauce, sesame paste, korean chilli paste, thai chilli sauce, sesame sauce, spring onions and more! Try mixing them.

Other things on the counter are
1. some appetizers (yum, unlike some restaurants serving bland ones)
2. 20 plus different sauces, as mentioned, my fav one is the solo one in this pic below! I forgot its name, think its called some signature chilli 
3. not forgetting essential healthy fruits! had nice honeydew, watermelon and longans that day. :)
4. and lastly my fav desserts! LAOBAN-LIKED PUDDINGS (picture below)

diff choices of soup base. All was good, can choose one soup base or two. We had Ma-la(very SPICY I choked on it hahaha) and mushroom. hehe very yummy! I heard their tomato is good too.

what are some things we ordered.

yeap i mixed them sauces.

Unique to Hai Di Lao, by ordering Shou La Mian (handmade noodles) the chef would go from table to table to perform his noodle-tricks. Very springy and QQ la mian YUMS

very nice n yummy hai di lao - flavored beef!

pork kidney slices (dint try this)

yummy chicken!

my favorite meat of all - signature black pork. ordered this twice! Just realized we didnt order fishes, maybe the next time round!

under veg category, jerome's fav lotus hahaa

fried egg plant w pork yum

more taopoks, beancurds etc~ hehe at the top right corner of the pic below, the very nice sweet potato flour!!!


mixed platter of signature prawn paste to fish paste



THE AWESOME SWEET POTATO FLOUR and where are pics of my favorite mushrooms, hahaha in my must consume list while eating steamboats.

hehehe finally the laoban liked pudding, could have ate ten of these if I wasn't so full

grandma and aunt!

jerome kor and uncle!

7 people in total and the bill added up to around $220 SGD. I would totally go back. I feel like eating it now even. 
So the question now is, would you guys go and eat this before PARTYING? even thought there is a high possibility of puking everything out hahaha.

clarke quay definitely looks so much more serene and peaceful in the morning. Cousins tricked me to buy from this turkish ice cream stall nearby (which i always walk past at night ha ha ha)
The icecream seller made a fool out of me, hahah maybe next time I'll tempt my friends to buy it from him. LOL okay I seem to have forget the fact most of them read this. So if you don't read what I have typed. good luck! and shame on you!

$5 for one scoop, had pistachio, its quite reasonably priced I feel. Doesn't taste too overpowering until you can't finish it after a meal kind, more similar to a sorbet even though its not a sorbet flavored choice, but this is quite refreshing! Me is happy!

yeah and I am the auntie of the day again, tying bun and going to supermarkets to restock my inventories at home. HAHAHA I LOVE SUPERMARKETS

oh and a GIF of me and my recently self painted eugenia's signature rainbow colored nails


Kengyang's birthday at zouk. Not much photos, but I had fun drinking and catching up with the guys with my fav fat (JK) twin's accompaniment. Had a chance to talk to my secondary school classmates too! feels nice.
LOL & look at the difference when I have my clubbing makeup on hahahaha.

do we look alikeeeeeeeeee

w the bdae boy!


Yeah yeah I know, I am a major pig. But I wanted to try pizza hut's newest creation. The cheesy Bites Trio!
For 3-4 person but I ate it myself LOL

meal inclusive of honey wings and hash-browns

chose their newest chicky bites for the middle section! its like Hawaiian with popcorn chicken. 

concept of the cheesy bites trio is simple, a bowl of hot nacho cheese would be provided to dip these three sprinkled flavored bites, Parmesan, sesame, chipotle. There are like two diff kinds of cheese in those bites. My fav is bites with the two colored cheese in them, YUM. Similar to the stuffed crust pizza hut introduced the previous time.

total bill

Xoxo eugeniania. Ugh I feel too hungry right now.

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