Friday, June 14, 2013

TGIF June 14th

Hi guys, a veryyyyyyy very short update since its friday and i am going to TGIF later at zouk. Whats new? haha. I think my blog is getting boring recently, right? 
comments pleaseee? 
You know i have been feeling down lately if you follow me on my twitter
 my instagram @PinkyNiaKOH 
maybe i update too much.. And its food all the time. fatty me. my friends say i should change my name to PIGGYniakoh instead.

Oh well, i guess I am feeling a little better. Went east coast park at midnight ytd to chill until 6 am in the morning, after having supper at bedok 85, have been so freaking long since i went there as my secondary school is around that area. And finally signed up to learn driving this week. Got to stop cabbing around.

More places to update but I dont wanna update so frequently cause I am starting to think im boring you guys hahaha. So please still stay tuned? 

xx eugenia koh shall end off with a few selcas of my act cute faceeeeee
love you guys.

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