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Tim Ho Wan + Father's Day (Soup Restaurant) + My Beauty Diary Mask Review + TGIW

-awkward silence-
okay lamez
as you all know from the pic above singapore's PSI reading is currently around 300 approximately now, as i am typing this the sky is in a weird shade of pink outside. And the healthy range was supposed to be 100. So we are all inhaling in super polluted air because of those selfish Indonesians who wanted to save cost by clearing their forests by a cheaper method DEFORESTATION, using fire to burn out those poor plantations. HAHAHA okay enough of these VERY INTELLECTUAL TALK so you guys can see actually I'm quite learned too right hehehe

HAHA okay haze is getting into my head.

So guess what I'm gonna blog about today... you would have a brief idea after looking at the queue..

It is..... drumroll please.
The cheapest number 1 Michelin Star Dim Sum restaurant from Hong Kong, which recently opened their first outlet in Singapore. Went there on a weekday afternoon around 2pm~ queued for a reasonable 30 mins or so. And this was taken when the crowd started coming in. Can you imagine on the weekends? They better quickly open their second outlet in Singapore soon!

#01-29 Plaza Singapura
The Atrium @ Orchard
68 Orchard Road
Tel: 6251 2000

some queue corner for takeaways

the slip of paper as for customers to check their choices while queuing and these is what we ordered. FOR TWO :o 

finally at our seats and you can see their "Four Heavenly Kings" which should be like the best four most famous dimsum from Tim Ho Wan, printed on the menu sheet.

Chilli paste they provide

The first out of the four heavenly kings, and I would say the best Dim Sum I have tasted at Tim Ho Wan would be their BBQ Pork Bun. It was good! I mean obviously many would say the ones over here in Singapore cannot be compared with the Tim Ho Wan in Hong Kong, but please, its already good enough that they are here in Singapore.

Look at the goodness, I loved it! should have packed more home. comes in three for 4.50 SGD love how the sweetness of the crust and pork within matched with one another!

I guess everyone has to at least order all of their four heavenly kings, the second heavenly king - the carrot cake! I think if I'm heading back to tim ho wan anytime soon again, this is one of the heavenly king I would not order. Taste acceptable but nothing special.

Third heavenly king - The steamed egg cake! I must say this was excuted soft, fluffy and very addictive! Liked this! Its not like the usual flour cakes one would get sick of after awhile.

Last but not least, tim ho wan offers 5 different variations of the Vermicelli Rolls, and their unique Pig liver Vermicelli Roll is its signature! I thought it was not bad :) worth a try for someone who usually tends to avoid eating pig liver, even though its good for the kidney or ur liver? since its pig liver? LOL

I think I have a weird grandma fetish, recently I have to order these chicken feets, whom I think most youngster wouldn't enjoy cause they look so gross but I would always try and order this at a dimsum restuarant. 
Their chicken feet with black bean sauce was the first to arrive at the table, I was probably very hungry then, 
after visiting the hospital for a checkup the entire morning :(
so it tasted really good once I shoved into my mouth, but once the other dishes started to arrive. This was just normal~

Have to try this! Their fried spring roll with runny egg whites inside! Quite good :) and unique!

chose to order their steamed beancurd skin to the fried version since the fried version is available everywhere. soso~

And a must order at a dimsum restaurant? chose to order these pork dumplings (siew mai ) to their (har gao) prawn dumplings.

The ending dessert! The tonic medlar & Osmanthus Cake. Its cold, not to sweet but deli :) I liked it!

overall, I think everyone should at least go and try out the Tim Ho Wan in Singapore at least once.
Prices are still rather acceptable, our bill came up to 47 SGD.
You can read about my experiences at other raved dimsum places in Singapore here
 at 126 & Swee Choon ~ all worth the visit :)

and I bought some ring at this Jap shop next to Tim Ho Wan, and lost it immediately. Sob, always happening to me. hahaha so Im ending this section with a sad and barefaced expression when I visited the dentist.

On Sunday! It was father's day! So we had our family dinner over at this Soup Restaurant outlet opened at Changi Airport terminal 2. Their crowds are still always there, so its better to make reservations!
They have many outlet opened Island-wide.

haha recently my dad got his new samsung s something, (I AM DEFINITELY TEAM IPHONE so idc about his model hahaha) and he is learning to be like me, forever on my whatsapp and snapping pictures of food hahaha

my grandma checking out my cheeky~ dad

i realized in this post I have no makeup nor contacts on in most pictures, so please dont judge. I still find it weird to put on a thin eyeliner when I have no contact lenses on.
But, with my mummy :D

do we look alike?

while waiting for mai foooooood

hungry girl

why is my food taking so long *frowns*

the top must order dish at soup restaurant! their Samsui Ginger Chicken! available in small and large sizes.

Its so good hehe the ONLY time I would eat ginger, as claimed on my instagram. coz ginger is my hatest food in the world, yes remember that. Maybe if you want to kill me just throw a ginger at me or something.

recommended hometown tofu :)

sweet and sour pork

penang fried mee sua

hometown fish belly with chili~

and the soup of the day! obviously at SOUP restaurant, they would offer a wide range of herbal kind of chinese soups, so meals there should overall be healthy! we ordered some more items but some of the soup weren't ready to be served cause it would take time to boil and such. :( 

that was what happened to the desserts there too, so we had starbucks instead. Yup I always fail to order any item on their starbucks secret menu - till next time, so I ordered two venti green tea frap w red bean and a java chip cookie frap or smth.

I finished most of these myself #badachievementunlocked

and I know some of you have been asking me about my skincare routines, to be honest. I treat my skin very badly, especially cause I club, sometimes i even forget to remove my makeup and sleep when I reach home. So my skin isn't what it used to be. I just try and remember to wash my face with face wash daily! 

But i recently got these affordable priced masks from My Beauty Diary

Introducing My Beauty Diary! MBD is a Taiwanese brand that has basically consumed the world of face mask making. They’re so ridiculously popular that people make imitations of them even though they’re $1-$2 a mask. MBD has a lot of formulas and mask products, and have since expanded outside of masks into other skincare. They have products for a veritable cornucopia of uses: whitening, brightening, moisturizing, plumping, vitalizing, toning, anti-aging, and a lot more.

If you guys dint know, I used to be very very tan during secondary school, I guess these masks helped my face to at least whiten a little since then, cause I remembered I went taiwan after Olevels with my pals and as these masks were from taiwan, its sold cheaper there! Then i got alot of them, but ever since I finished using them, I cannot be bothered to get more of them, even though they are also available here in Singapore.

talking about taiwan, I just booked taiwan ticks with twin and da guys~ I cant wait to go there and restock more MBD MASKS :D 

below in this table, shows a few ranges of masks from MBD with their expertise, they have alot more now on the market though!

feels so soothing and hmmmmmmmmmm 
ya i know i look retarded. HAHAHA

yup this is how i look after masking and yup you can see some scars of pimples on my forehead T.T does my skin look brighter now? LOL SHOULD I PUT BRACES BTW..........?

Alright, thats all for some of my overdued updates last week. I will continue soon but, here are some TGIW yesterday with regina!~ finally coming out of her attached hole for awhile, so ask fm-ers, stop asking me. LOL

both wore floral!

and with natnat obviously  ;)

hehe so many girls where Do i begin~

dream w leonard! :D

after club face. and recently im so addicted to wearing rings, and someone told me Im being too much like a Indian lady. LOL 

xoxo eugeniania

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